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Dennis Moreland Tack Wants to Know — Is Your Bridle Comfortable?

dmt bridleA bridle that fits well and is adjusted correctly will help your horse be relaxed and will help convey your cues so he can respond correctly, confidently and promptly. Since each part of the bridle works in conjunction with every other part one improper adjustment will throw everything off.

The browband keeps the cheek pieces in place so the bridle does not slide backward. The cheek pieces are the correct length to place the bit in the proper position in the mouth. The throatlatch holds the cheek pieces on the face if a colt tries to rub the bridle off. The curb (when used with a snaffle) keeps the bit rings from being pulled through the mouth.

Dennis Moreland headstalls and bridles are designed with closely spaced adjustment holes to allow very minor adjustments to be made. The buckles are secured in place by extra stitches hand sewn just below the buckle. All are made with the finest quality leather and stainless steel hardware and will fit a variety of breeds and sizes of horses. For more information on headstall use please click:

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