Zach Ozborn and Steel Core Cat * Photo by Amy Olson

Ozborn from Bogle LTD. Captures Cowboy Invitational on First Trip to Vegas

The Cowboy Invitational has become a favorite amongst The Run For A Million (TRFAM) Spectators. Zach Ozborn took home the championship this year.

In this TRFAM event 12 cowboys from United States Heritage Ranches, one cowboy per ranch, competed for $30,000 in prize money. The competitors did compete a traditional reining and cow work run but instead of circling their cow to finish their run, they roped and steer stopped their cattle.

It’s not all that often the men from these ranches get a few days to relax in town and show off their nicest horses. When Zach Ozborn was told it would be his turn to go to town, he was all business. But he knew he’d need a little help.

“With the reining pattern this short it’s about who had the best cow and who could go down the fence the best,” Ozborn said. “Man, I’ve been praying for a good cow the last month and a half, and I mean I thank God we had a good one today.”

Steel Core Cat (Metallic Cat x Playin Nurse x Playgun) made the trip to town with Zach, he was bred by the Hal Bogle Estate and owned by Bogle Brothers LLC. The six-year-old gelding received some reined cow horse training from Trevor Carter as a four-year-old. Since then, he’s been back at the ranch, he’s also made a good team roping head horse for the past year.

“We stopped roping on him about a month and a half ago to get ready for this,” Ozborn said.

The lights and cameras didn’t phase Ozborn or his horse on their first trip to The Run For A Million.

“What you see right here is what you get all the time,” Ozborn said has his horse calmly stood with him after their high speed victory lap.