The Mischievous Puppy

ManchesterTerrierThe guilty.One of the fun parts of working for Quarter Horse News is getting to hear from our readers. Some of you call with questions or comments about something you saw in the magazine, and sometimes, you call looking for help. Sales Customer Service Manager Diana Buettner recently received an email from a subscriber who had an unusual request.

Ellen Russell wrote, “Hello! My husband, James, and I subscribe to and enjoy reading the QHN. Unfortunately my puppy has eaten the February 1, 2015 issue (I’ve attached a picture). Since we have just received this issue, neither of us has had a chance to read it. Would it be possible to send us another copy? We would be happy to pay for it. Thank you very much!”

DestroyedQHNThe evidence. What’s left of Ellen’s Quarter Horse News.Diana enjoyed the picture so much she forwarded it to me before responding to Ellen that, of course, we would mail her a new copy. Neither of us could resist asking for a picture of the guilty party, which Ellen was happy to send with another note: “Here’s the culprit, Remy (Remington Steele), a 6-month-old Manchester terrier. He said he was sorry about the magazine but it sure tasted good.”

Nicknamed “The Gentleman’s Terrier,” the Manchester terrier is said to be a keen, bright and discerning dog, according to the American Kennel Club. We agree, Remy definitely picked the best magazine around. Next time, we just hope he waits until his owners have read it first!