An equipment failure during a critical point of Tyree Swales's cow work didn't stop the Canadian teen from completing the World's Greatest Youth Horseman competition. • Photo by Primo Morales

One-Rein Wonder: Equipment Failure Can’t Stop 14-Year-Old Tyree Swales

Tyree Swales knew the moment one of his reins came unhooked at the start of his cow work in the World's Greatest Youth Horseman finals. Pulling up never crossed the 14-year-old Canadian's mind.

TRR Lucky Playgun and Townsend Win World’s Greatest Youth Horseman

Handier than a pocket on a shirt and quick down the fence, Trail Townsend and TRR Lucky Playgun are the 2020 Mars Equestrian World’s Greatest Youth Horseman. The accomplished youth and gray gelding sealed the deal with a 727 composite, Edging out reserve by seven points.  The title came with a $2,262 payout and a […]
Trevor Hale astride Survive These Lips at the AQHYA reined cow horse at the World Championship Show in Oklahoma City.

Youngster in Survive (These Lips)-And-Thrive Mode

Trevor Hale already has a collection of coveted golden globe trophies from the Built Ford Tough American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) World Championship Show. But those are all in roping. His most recent, which he earned Aug. 7, is for the working cow horse.  “I’ve always thought the event looked like fun, and I’ve liked […]