New faces will be at the helm of the Tulsa Reining Classic. In 2019, the Tulsa Reining Classic Futurity Level 4 Open Championship went to Itsallinthegenes and Andrea Fappani. • Photo by Waltenberry

Tulsa Reining Classic Under New Ownership

The Tulsa Reining Classic has new owners and managers. However, many people in the reining industry already know the duo will will be taking the reins.


Tulsa, OK – Aug. 25–Sept. 1, 2019 1,022 Entries – $182,000 Added – $311,131.13 Total Purse Horse / Rider / Owner / Score / Total $ HOLLYWOODSTINSELTOWN FUTURITY LEVEL 4 OPEN – 76 E. – $40,000 Add. – $63,450.74 TP 1) ITSALLINTHEGENES (16S) / Andrea Fappani / Tish & Andrea Fappani, 224, $14,593.67 (Smart Spook […]

Tulsa Reining Classic Elementa Derby Open Champions Reign

Earlier this year, Elementa joined the Tulsa Reining Classic as the sponsor of the Open Derby, which features $34,000 in added money. The Elementa Open Derby completes a busy week, and Casey Deary and Lonely At The Top won the class with a 225.5. That earned a check for $6,563, a Bob’s Custom Saddle, and […]

Tulsa Reining Classic ARC Winners Rack Up Prizes

In addition to numerous opportunities for aged event horses, the Tulsa Reining Classic features a full slate of National Reining Horse Association classes, and also hosts the South Central Affiliate Regional Championships. The top ten finishers in each of the ARC classes earn a spot at the North American Affiliate Championships, which will be held […]

Mandy McCutcheon Clinches XCS Ranch Futurity Non-Pro Championship

Mandy McCutcheon won the SmartPak Non-Pro Derby on Thursday, and returned to the Ford Truck Arena at the Tulsa Reining Classic to win the XCS Ranch Non Pro Futurity. McCutcheon won the day’s title on Special Nite Movz with a score of 216. It was the three-year-old reiner’s first event, although McCutcheon used the Toyon […]

Tulsa Reining Classic SmartPak Derby Non-Pro Winners Determined

The SmartPak Derby Non-Pro at the Tulsa Reining Classic featured $26,000 in added money, and the one-go format meant every entry was riding for a win. In the end, it was National Reining Horse Association $2 Million Rider Mandy McCutcheon who took home top honors with a score of 221.5, winning $5,244. “I thank SmartPak […]