wool saddle pad on a sorrel horse

Deluxe 100% Wool Saddle Pad

This pad is built with highly desired 100% steam pressed felt and is contoured to provide an anatomically fit that keeps your saddle in place. The channel down the spine provides pressure relief and allows for airflow.
headstall fit

Slot Ears, Slide Ears & Browbands — Proper Headstall Fit

The common types of Western headstalls https://bit.ly/DMHeadstalls are one eared headstalls, which include slot ear, slit ear, and slide ear, and browband headstalls. Either type may be used on trained horses, and it is personal preference which you choose to ride with, but browband headstalls are generally used with snaffles on colts and green horses. […]
bridling your horse ensures effective communication in the show pen

Bridling Your Horse —Adjustments Made Right!

All great rides start with correctly bridling your horse and assuring the bridle http://bit.ly/2d4vmCw is adjusted to fit. Follow along in the video as Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack visits with Clay Johns of Clay Johns Cutting Horses, Millsap TX, about the steps to take when bridling to help your horse be relaxed and […]