* Photo by Jonathan Kemper via Unsplash

Health Matters: Be Honest in Your Self Assessment & Have Faith

The thought of 2021 has been on the collective minds of us all for many months now and we are finally here. I cannot think of a more anticipated “do-over” since I was a kid playing wiffle ball, but now we are adults – with horses.

Insights & Opinions: No Excuses

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several different sports throughout the years. In that time, I’ve also had the pleasure of training with all kinds of coaches.

Hanging In There

annamitchellI love Facebook. I come across all kinds of pearls of wisdom from the general masses and keep up to date with irrelevant information that I never needed to know in the first place. Occasionally though, something catches my eye and I read a quote from this week that did just that —"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."