Many hoops must be jumped through and pitfalls avoided in order for progeny of U.S.-based stallions to find success in the Southern Hemisphere, but opportunity is there for those willing to invest their resources. • Photo by Wild Fillies Photography courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch.

Setting Up US-Based Stallions For Southern Hemisphere Success

Shipping semen to Southern Hemisphere countries such as Australia or Brazil can be a great opportunity for an American-based stallion, but Shane Plummer of SDP Buffalo Ranch said seizing that opportunity is a process.

Industry Insider: Lemonade Stand

Winter-geddon 2021 hit Texas. It is pretty serious actually. Below-zero weather is very extreme in these parts. This once-in-a-generation winter storm has caused electricity blackouts throughout the state, frozen pipes that are yet to thaw, fatal accidents and unrest untold.
sunset at SDP Buffalo Ranch

The Twilight Zone … Or is it?

Sometimes I get nostalgic and think about life when I was a kid. Life was pretty darn boring then, compared to what we’ve got now. Granted, I was a kid and the “Information Age” didn’t exist. I was born of goodly parents; I’m pretty sure they sheltered me, too. I think of my kids now and their […]
Daryl Felsburg and Shane Plummer discussing politics

Politics & Passion

Politics. It’s a strange thing to write about, but it’s fresh on my mind. This is probably not really what you are thinking, even though this is a presidential election year; albeit, that has been on my mind lately, too. I mean, gosh, you’d have to be living under a rock to not be bombarded with […]