MGaines 12

Matt Gaines Tops $7 Million

MGaines 12Equi-Stat Elite $7 Million Rider Matt GainesTexas trainer Matt Gaines recently became just the second cutting horse rider to earn more than $7 million, according to Equi-Stat records.

Gaines, 44, headed to the March 28-April 20 XTO Energy/National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes in Fort Worth with career earnings totaling $6,989,981. He earned $16,550 at that event to reach Equi-Stat Elite $7 Million Rider status.

Quistador SFlarida 13W

Reining Stallion Quistador Sells

Quistador SFlarida 13WQuistador and Shawn Flarida shown winning Level 4 Open Reserve titles at the 2013 Gordyville Breeders Cup and Wimpys Little Step derbies. Photo by WaltenberryReining stallion Quistador (Conquistador Whiz x Miss N Becky x Okie Paul Quixote) has sold to Francisco Ayers Lopes Jr., San Paulo, Brazil. Previously owned by Gus and Gaynia Revenberg, Old Castle, Ontario, the career earner of more than $225,000 will remain in training with Equi-Stat Elite $5 Million Rider Shawn Flarida.


Ray Baldwin & Shesa Hollywoodcat Top Super Stakes Non-Pro

RBaldwinRay BaldwinAs the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes comes to a close, Ray Baldwin and Shesa Hollywoodcat are celebrating their Non-Pro Championship. The 4-year-old mare (High Brow Cat x CD Fillybingo x Bingo Hickory) walked out of Will Rogers $28,355 richer.

Cutters Reach For The Stars Indoors

partybandChilly temperatures and strong wind moved Thursday, April 18’s, Reach For The Stars of Cutting party, planned for the open rooftop at Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas, to a hybrid indoor/outdoor celebration.

Sponsored jointly by The Residences at Montgomery Plaza and Park Place Motors, the party featured live music and free appetizers. It also acted as an informal introduction for some people to the charitable NCHA Foundation.


TOP HORSES All Ages/All DivisionsHorse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/Breeder 1. JUNIE WOOD, $221,796(10M) (Nitas Wood x Tuffs Junie) John Mitchell, $218,837; Glade Knight, $2,959; Slate River Ranch, Weatherford, TX; Craig & Janet Crumpler, Wichita Falls, TX 2. CLASSY CD CAT, $200,000(11M) (High Brow Cat x Classical CD) Phil Hanson, $200,000; Bobby & Dottie Hill, Glen Rose, TX; Bobby […]


TOP RIDERS All Ages/All DivisionsRider/2014 Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $ 1. JASON CLARK, $516,711Weatherford, TX – Cat Rey Lou, $84,706; Short N Smooth, $76,016; A Tale Of The Cat, $57,384; Starlight Starbrite, $49,841; Little Jackson Cat, $47,169; Spoonful Of Stella, $39,067; Quick To Dual, $27,593; Katz Flash, $25,277; Wise Little Pepto, $25,144; Vela Suave, $17,377 2. LLOYD […]


TOP OWNERS All Ages/All DivisionsOwner/2014 Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $ 1. CENTER RANCH, $533,496Centerville, TX – CR Sun Reys, $100,030; CR Tuff Lucy, $85,469; CR High Brow Letha, $58,078; CR A Little Peek, $57,384; CR Tuff Boo Bear, $42,658 2. SLATE RIVER RANCH, $413,562Weatherford, TX – Junie Wood, $198,774; Moms Dual N Badger, $73,048; Playin N Fancy, […]


TOP BREEDERS All Ages/All DivisionsBreeder/2014 Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $ 1. SLATE RIVER RANCH, $654,662Weatherford, TX – Sly Chance, $99,678; Boon Tooth, $82,296; Ms Regret, $52,805; That Sly Bob (DNA), $39,238; Metallic Autumn, $32,911 2. JACK WAGGONER & SUSAN FERGUSON, $650,508Bridgeport, TX – Flash About, $70,261; ZR One, $67,711; Blazin Flash, $53,189; Joes Last Cat, $45,741; Dual […]


This statistical review reflects reining horse earnings from the 2014 season. This annual Quarter Horse News Equi-Stat Reining Horse Statistical Review contains information that was compiled, researched and tabulated by Equi-Stat, a division of Cowboy Publishing Group. Equi-Stat was formed in 1985 by Morris Communications Corp., parent company of Cowboy Publishing Group and Quarter Horse […]


Horse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/Breeder 1. WIMPY CHIC, $166,875(11S) (Wimpys Little Step x Chics Fancy Lady) Gabriel Diano, $166,875; Thales Bordignon, Rio Branco, BZ; The Right Ones, Gunter, TX 2. SHINE N SPOOK, $162,919(11S) (Smart Spook x Ebony Shines) Shawn Flarida, $162,919; Clark Reining Horses LLC, Catlettsburg, KY; Rosanne Sternberg, Aubrey, TX 3. ARC GUNNABEABIGSTAR, $158,226(11S) (Gunnatrashya x […]