Call Me Mitch and Phillip Ralls marked a 225 out of the herd in the 2024 World's Greatest Horseman Prelims. * Photo by Amy Olson

Like Father Like Son of A Mitch

“You can feel both those horses in Son of A Mitch, AKA ‘Waylon’. He has the head carriage and collection and the way he moves is very much like his dad, and his mother was a hardcore, gritty, fence horse. She was very electric and had a lot of extra pizazz to her,” he said.

Outside the Pen: Call Me Mitch

Call Me Mitch and Phillip Ralls share a special bond earned over the many miles they've covered together. Ralls purchased Mitch as a yearling and has had him in training ever since.

One Fine Vintage Dominates World’s Richest

In the midst of the excitement at the National Stock Horse Association (NSHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity, exhibitors and spectators took a break from watching the best futurity and derby horses […]