Nick Dowers Sliding Stop

Supporting Healthy Joints Through Nutrition & Supplementation with Platinum Performance

There are many different ways to provide joint support. Often, the type of support chosen depends on whether the purpose is for prevention, maintenance or to support an existing joint health problem, and whether the problem is acute or chronic in nature. Offering early joint support is usually with the goal of preventing or delaying the development of joint health concerns. 

Long-Duration Joint Therapy

Western performance horses repetedly execute physically intensive maneuvers making them prone to injury. “The most common location for joint injuries are the stifles and lower hock joints behind, and the […]
Mary Ann Brown backing into the box

Meet Mary Ann Brown

“Team roping has become so competitive that you have to have a good horse. And if you don’t have a good horse, you aren’t going to be very competitive. So […]
Jackie Crawford standing with horse explaining breakaway roping

Components of a Breakaway Roping Run

Stopping the clock is the name of the breakaway game, and Jackie Crawford has it perfected. Watch as the 19-time WPRA World Champion discusses the importance of a big stop […]