Dr Steve Allday explaining the functions of an equine joint

Maintain Joint Health for Equine Athletes

It’d be much easier to understand what is going on inside of your horse’s joint if you could see it, right? Using a cadaver leg model, Dr. Steve Allday, is able to actually show what happens within a joint that will lead to joint pain and discusses what horse owners can do to help prevent […]
Mary Ann Brown backing into the box

Meet Mary Ann Brown

“Team roping has become so competitive that you have to have a good horse. And if you don’t have a good horse, you aren’t going to be very competitive. So you just need to keep ‘em healthy and really cherish the good ones you have.” Meet LubriSyn team member Mary Ann Brown and her sweet […]
Jackie Crawford standing with horse explaining breakaway roping

Components of a Breakaway Roping Run

Stopping the clock is the name of the breakaway game, and Jackie Crawford has it perfected. Watch as the 19-time WPRA World Champion discusses the importance of a big stop in breakaway roping.