An equipment failure during a critical point of Tyree Swales's cow work didn't stop the Canadian teen from completing the World's Greatest Youth Horseman competition. • Photo by Primo Morales

One-Rein Wonder: Equipment Failure Can’t Stop 14-Year-Old Tyree Swales

Tyree Swales knew the moment one of his reins came unhooked at the start of his cow work in the World's Greatest Youth Horseman finals. Pulling up never crossed the 14-year-old Canadian's mind.

Metallic Cat Rose Tops World’s Greatest Horseman

Smashing expectations and outpacing the Reserve Champion by seven points, Metallic Cat Rose (Metallic Cat x Teletrona x Little Trona) and John Swales left no question unanswered on Saturday night during DT Horses and Hastags World’s Greatest Horseman Finals.  After Swales won The World’s Greatest Horseman in 2017 on Heza Diamond Spark (Diamond J Star […]