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5 Tips About Equine Asthma

The No. 1 non-infectious respiratory disease is equine asthma syndrome, which can present as mild-moderate or severe. If your horse develops either type, it’s going to affect the way it performs.

AAEP Appoints New Leaders

Owning unique perspective from a diverse career in private practice, academia and industry, Dr. Reuss spent six years on faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine as a clinical assistant professor and chief of the large animal medicine service

Merck Banamine Recall

Merck is voluntarily recalling three batches of BANAMINE®/BANAMINE®-S (flunixin meglumine injection) 50 mg/mL in the United States, used for injection in cattle, swine and horses to the consumer level due to the presence of particulate matter.
Horses in Pasture

Healthy Gut. Healthy Horse.

Gut health is increasingly synonymous with horse health. Proper gut health takes into account nutrient digestion and absorption, intestinal integrity, immune response and more. Keeping your horse’s gut health top […]

Food for Foals

This article was first published in the July 1, 2019 issue of Quarter Horse News courtesy of North Texas Farm & Ranch. Starting with proper nutrition from the beginning will […]

Vitalize® Horse Treats: Give Your Horse a Healthy Snack

Feeding treats to your horse can help with training, often used as a reward for good behavior, and the act of feeding them is often enjoyable for you as well. Vitalize and Eggersmann, Germany’s leading horse feed manufacturer, are proud to bring you Vitalize® Horse Treats – a low-sugar, prebiotic snack with “a good gut feeling” in every bite.