nate eicher demonstrating how to operate a grass hackamore with reins

Training to Trail Riding-the Grass Hackamore with Reins Has You Covered!

The Grass Hackamore with Reins and the Nylon Hackamore with Reins are two of the most versatile hackamores I make says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack. Nate Eicher of Eicher Performance Horses, Weatherford TX uses the Grass Hackamore with Reins to train young horses, including his Extreme Mustang Makeover contenders. Follow along in […]

What Is a Texas-Style Hackamore?

texashackamoreHackamores function by applying pressure on the nose and jaw rather than on the mouth like a bridle with a bit. They are especially useful on young horses that are transitioning from deciduous (baby) teeth to permanent teeth but horses of any age can be ridden in a hackamore.