Rollz Royce & Beau Galyean • Photo by Kristin Pitzer

Rollz Royce Scores Another Jewel at NCHA Summer Spectacular

As the first horse walked into the pen for set No. 1 of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular Classic/Challenge Open finals, the audience buzzed with anticipation. Both sets were stacked with horses that could claim the grand prize, and each new horse-and-rider brought with them into the arena the anticipation […]

Weekend Cutting Turns into a Proposal

For longtime couple Rick Pickard and Helene Freeman, June 14 at the World Cutting Horse Association (WCHA) Fort Worth weekend cutting in the Will Rogers Coliseum became a lifetime moment when Pickard knelt in the deep arena sand and asked Freeman to be his wife. And to everyone’s delight, she said yes. “When I asked […]

Calgary Stampede

July 5-14           Calgary, AB, CN 2019 Calgary Stampede, 403-261-0101,
High Brow Cat Headshot

Top 5 Cutting Sires

What does it take for a stallion to build a name for himself? With the quantity of top-level sires available in the Western performance horse industry today, it’s not an easy feat. Still, the cream always seems to rise and quality genetics endure. The Equi-Stat Five-Year Stallion Statistics were created to give credit where it is due […]