Christy Hughes & Austin Shepard • Photo by Hart Photos

Christy Hughes and Ettafied Win First Two Titles at the NCHA Eastern Nationals

Austin Shepard hopes that in 20 years time, he and his children will be riding horses that carry the bloodlines of Christy Hughes – the mare he rode to the 2018 National Cutting Horse Association Eastern National Championships $25,000 Novice title. Shepard marked a 224 on Christy Hughes, 6, who he owns with his wife, […]

Cade Shepard is Shooting Doubles on Half-siblings

It’s tough to win any major limited-age cutting event, given that the field is typically filled with talented combinations. Winning two of those events in less than a month is a feat few can pull off. But Cade Shepard made clinching three major titles in that time frame look easy.

The Legacy Continues: 16-Year-Old Shepard Wins Augusta

Cade Shepard hasn’t been to every Augusta Futurity, but the high schooler figures he’s been to every one during his lifetime. “I love this show,” said the 16-year-old from Summerdale, Alabama. “I’ve been coming here ever since I was pretty much born.”