Frankly Speaking: The Time Has Come

Over the past couple of years, you’ve heard me speak about the urgent issues of building and encouraging youth horsemen, along with the problems the horse industry faces because of ever-decreasing numbers in membership. Even though these are two separate issues, they really go together as one impacts the other. I have asked you to become aware of this dual-edged dilemma because it really could be the most important factor in determining how the equine landscape looks in the future.

Elseware LeeFrancoisSydneyRowlandBethRichardCarney

Elseware and Lee Francois Win Cotton Stakes Futurity Open

Elseware LeeFrancoisSydneyRowlandBethRichardCarneyLee Francois, SydneyRowland, Elseware, and owners Beth and RichardCarneyRidden by Lee Francois, Elseware is off to a great start after securing $11,000 and her second large check within less than 30 days as the Cotton Stakes Classic Futurity Open Champion.