NCHA Summer Spectacular Show Information

The Great American Insurance National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Summer Cutting Spectacular runs July 13 – Aug. 3 in Fort Worth, Texas. Featured events include the National Youth Cutting Horse Association (NYCHA) Convention, the Summer Scholarship Cutting and the NCHA-Grace Ranch Youth World Finals. In addition, approximately $2.5 million in purse money will be up […]

Darling 888 Ranch Futurity and Derby Show Information

The Clayton Woosley Hall of Fame Reining, sponsored by Darling 888 Ranch, will be held in Lexington, Ky., July 24-28, and will feature the Darling 888 Ranch Futurity and Derby. For more information, visit the Central Kentucky Reining Horse Association website.   

RMRHA Summer Slide Show Information

The Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association (RMRHA) Summer Slide will take place in Denver, Colo., July 23-28. Among the exciting events to take place include a $40,000-added Summer Slide Futurity, a $33,900-added Stallion Stakes Futurity and a $7,000-added 7Up Maturity! Visit the show’s website for more information.  

High Brow Cat Clone Born

HBCClone-webHigh Brow Cat's clone, pictured at two weeks old.A clone of all-time leading cutting horse sire High Brow Cat arrived the evening of July 3 and has enjoyed the first couple weeks of his life in good health at Weatherford Equine Breeding Center in Weatherford, Texas.

Dr. Heath Qualls, attending veterinarian at the colt’s birth, said all went well. “He is a very healthy and very active baby. It all went as planned.”

Think Like A Pro

So why reinvent the wheel? Let's see what is working for those that are successful and then adopt some of their strategies or habits. Which particular mental skills do most successful athletes seem to have in common?