FancyHughes KPlatt 14AH

Fancy Hughes & Kenny Platt Land Major Win At Brazos Bash

FancyHughes KPlatt 14AHFancy Hughes & Kenny PlattThe Brazos Bash kicked off with an exciting set of finals on Sept. 28 in Weatherford, Texas, with 14 horse-and-rider teams competing for the Futurity Open Championship. The impressive lineup gave it their best shot, but it was Fancy Hughes and Kenny Platt who came out on top.

Ohio Horses Die Of Eastern Equine Encephalitis

At least four horses in Northeast Ohio have died from eastern equine encephalitis, a rare mosquito-borne virus that can also infect humans, Ohio’s state veterinarian announced Tuesday. Read the complete story from the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Dual Peppy Found Neglected In Colorado

dual-peppyDual Peppy and John Ward at the 1996 Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Derby • Photo by Midge AmesOn the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 19, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs, Colo., received an “animal - check the welfare” call from two concerned citizens. Denise Pipher, Diana Ragula and their dog Denver had discovered 10 horses and four llamas living in the midst of an estimated 14 deceased horses.

Sheriff’s Office Removes Dual Peppy & Others From Brunzells’ Care

Three days after the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado was notified of horses living among the remains of as many as 12 dead horse carcasses on Sept. 19, the animals (including Dual Peppy) have been removed from their Black Forest, Colo., farm. The Sherriff’s office, which received criticism from the community about the […]