2013 Legacy Consignment Sale

Held Oct. 16, 2013

149 horses consigned

$1,572,800 gross for a $10,556 average

135 sold (91%), $1,438,000 net, $10,652 average and $7,000 median.

2013 Legacy Breeders Sale

Held Oct. 15, 2013

96 horses consigned

$1,605,200 gross for a $16,721 average

81 sold (84%), $1,346,500 net, $16,623 average and $12,000 median.

A Move for Prevention

[caption id="attachment_38175" align="alignleft" width="200"]Patrick Young, DVM[/caption]Dr. Patrick YoungA performance horse, much like a sports car, is a fine-tuned machine that runs, stops and quickly turns on a dime. When that sleek machine turns sluggish and infirm, the owner calls in a mechanic like Patrick Young, DVM.

Young’s practice, in Washington, Okla., focuses on treating lameness and illness in performance horses. A 1998 graduate of the Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine, Young is an avid horseman and understands the importance of a healthy horse.

During the summer of 2011, the veterinarian saw a rapid increase in the number of cases of pigeon fever reflected in a growing concern across the nation. For the health of his equine clients, Young began to research, test and develop a vaccine for pigeon fever.

Carol Rose Quarter Horses Dispersal

Aug. 15-17, 2013

141 horses consigned • $7,479,950 gross sales for a $53,049 gross average • 137 sold (97%), $7,416,750 net, $54,137 average, $25,000 median

2013 Summer Spectacular

Summer Spectacular

184 horses consigned

$1,958,650 gross

155 sold, $1,581,850 net, $10,205 average and $7,000 median.