See No Evil…

Recently, I was reading an online discussion about something that nobody likes to talk about – cheating and lying. In modern society, the two are so prevalent in all aspects of daily life that we become almost immune to the topic. From children cheating on school exams to executives lying about business matters, evidence of deceit is abundant in newspapers, on television news programs and online.

The equine industry is not exempt from unscrupulous people out to make a fast buck at someone else’s expense. If you’ve been around horses for any length of time, you probably have at least one story of someone who tried to, or did, take advantage of you, whether it’s a trainer, a veterinarian, an auctioneer, an agent or an owner. If you listened to and believed even half the stories circulating, you wouldn’t think there was an honest person to be found in the horse industry. Luckily, that isn’t the case and, for the most part, horse people are honest and prefer to do business with integrity.

Federal Agents Raid Weatherford Compounding Pharmacy

The Weatherford Compounding Pharmacy in Weatherford, Texas, was searched on Tuesday by agents of at least two federal agencies executing a search warrant, according to a report in the Weatherford Democrat. The United States Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried out the search of the compounding pharmacy owned by Joe […]
Aarons Peptoboonsmal

Aaron Ranch Buys Peptoboonsmal

Aarons PeptoboonsmalPhillip and Lori Aaron brought Peptoboonsmal home to Aaron Ranch on Tuesday morning • QHN photo by Stacy PigottA Tuesday morning trailer ride from Whitesboro, Texas, to Aaron Ranch in Commerce, Texas, followed the recently completed sale of 22-year-old stallion Peptoboonsmal, the 1995 National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Champion who ranks among the all-time best cutting and reined cow horse sires.

Cornbread Thinks: Show Days

Cutting is 90 percent mental, the rest is in your head. Even if someone could program what needs remembering into a ’puter, it wouldn’t be fast enough. Besides, cows are always thinking up new stuff. Someday I want to meet one of the cow trainers, just to ask why they are so hateful. 

Nebraska State Veterinarian Urges Caution With EHV-1

Due to an increased number of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) cases across the nation, State Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Hughes is reminding horse owners, as well as operators of horse shows/exhibitions to remain vigilant and exercise biosecurity measures at all events where horses are co-mingled. Read the Nebraska Department of Agriculture press release.