woman riding a horse
Cira Baeck and Peek A Boom, one of multiple NRHA championship horses the Belgian trainer has campaigned during her career. • Photo by Andrea Bonaga.

Cira Baeck Joins NRHA’s Million Dollar Rider List

Reiner Cira Baeck has become a trailblazer. The Belgian trainer recently became the first European woman to be named a National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) One Million Dollar Rider.
Dennis Moreland Tsck

The Selection and Use of Performance Horse Spurs

First developed during the time of the Roman Empire and brought to North America by the Spanish vaqueros, spurs are a popular piece of riding equipment across multiple disciplines and serve as a valuable tool to communicate with your horse when used correctly. Dennis Moreland Tack asked Chris and Sarah Dawson, of Dawson Performance Horses […]
cattle dog

Cowboy’s Best Friend

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. Cowboys take it one step further — working dogs are their best friends. Their appreciation for quality herding dogs was made clear during the NCHA Futurity Sales, where four dogs brought total gross sales of $32,500 in the Select Cow Dog Demonstration & Sale on Dec. […]
Shane Plummer with family sitting on Santa's lap for Christmas

It’s OK to Believe

Last week, after some Futurity fatigue, my wife, Jane, and I were invited by my parents to spend a few days with them, my brother and his wife in New York City. It was really great to spend some quality time with all of them. We had prearranged plans to attend a few Broadway plays. How […]