The PCCHA is bringing back its sale this year, and the event will include incentives for sale horses that return to compete in the association's major futurity. • Photo by Kelsey Pecsek Hruska

PCCHA Futurity Sale Postponed

PCCHA's Fall Horse Sale will have to wait another year for its revival.
winter watering of horses

Prepare Now for Winter Watering

Sponsored by Classic Equine by Ritchie Your performance horse’s water intake this winter can make or break his health. Plan now to ensure that he has access to clean, fresh water, even on the coldest days. The fall show season is going full tilt, but we horse owners know that colder temperatures, icy conditions, and […]

Prebiotics and Probiotics: the What and the Why for Your Horse

Prebiotics and probiotics are fed with the goal of helping to keep the bacteria in your horse’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract healthy. One way they may do this is by helping the beneficial bacteria in the gut flourish and function. They accomplish this in two unique ways. Prebiotics are often specialized fibers or complex carbohydrates — not living microorganisms — that act as a food or energy source for the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. Probiotics on the other hand are live microorganisms — usually strains of beneficial bacteria or “good bugs” that can help improve gut health.

Futurity Slot Raffle to Benefit NYCHA

Time is running out to buy raffle tickets for one of three slots for next year’s National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) World Championship Futurity. The raffle benefits the NYCHA.