Inconclusive Blood Test From Reining By The Bay

The blood test drawn from one of two horses exhibiting gastrointestinal distress during the Reining By The Bay in Woodside, California, has come back with inconclusive findings that would support poisoning allegations, said Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA Vice President of Community Relations Scott Delucchi.

All in the Reining Family

CraigSchmersal TimAndersonCraig Schmersal (left) with customer and friend Tim AndersonThe older I become the more I appreciate the customers and friends I have made in the reining industry. I have lost several friends and clients in the past few years that should not have been lost so young.  We are so busy working and trying to win the next big event that we forget to take time to appreciate why we all do what we do.

ColonelsSplashyGun AHonstetter

Extra Paint Awards At The International

ColonelsSplashyGun AHonstetterRegistered Paint Horses will be eligible for additional awards at The International in Colorado this year.The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) is offering exclusive reining awards for Paint Horses at The International, a reining event scheduled for Sept. 23–27 in Denver. The new partnership between APHA and The International features new opportunities for reining Paints. Custom Gist trophy buckles will be awarded to the highest-placing registered Paint Horses in an assortment of classes, including: Youth Freestyle National Championship; Futurity Open; Futurity Non-Pro; Mile High Derby & Maturity Open; and Loot For Grassroots Amateur.

Fut Open

Shiney Sparklette & Dawson Claim Futurity Open Championship At SRCHA Rode To Reno

Fut OpenShiney Sparklette & Chris Dawson with breeder & co-owner Carol RoseReined Cow Horse competitors loaded up their horses and headed to Fort Worth, Texas, to the Southwest Reined Cow Horse (SRCHA) Rode To Reno, held Aug. 13-16. The event was the debut for futurity horses and attracted many talented derby horses, as well. During Saturday night’s Futurity Open fence work portion, 48 horse-and-rider teams vied for top honors, however, it was Shiney Sparklette and Chris Dawson who bested the competition.

Spud Sheehan (left) & Savannah Blue Rey

Savannah Blue Rey Debuts Big at West Texas Futurity

Spud Sheehan (left) & Savannah Blue ReySpud Sheehan (left) & Savannah Blue Rey pictured with Lincoln SmithThe West Texas Futurity, which runs Aug. 8-16 in Amarillo, Texas, featured debut performances for many talented 3-year-old horses, including Savannah Blue Rey. The mare carried Geoffrey “Spud” Sheehan to a big 226 in her first finals appearance to win the Futurity Open Championship.

1 LuauGirls

This Is How We Luau

1 LuauGirlsAs usual, the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Summer Spectacular was a blast in Fort Worth, Texas. The NCHA’s draw parties are always fun, but this year’s Platinum Performance Open Draw Party tops the rest. A luau, complete with barbeque pig and Hawaiian dancers, made it a night to remember – all we were missing was the beach. Check out these fun photos from the great event.


Brunzell Sentenced In Horse Abuse Case

dual-peppyDual Peppy & John Ward • Photo by Midge AmesOn Thursday, Aug. 13, Sherri Brunzell was sentenced to 60 days in jail and five years of supervised probation after being found guilty on eight counts of animal cruelty in May.


Tulsa Reining Classic Offers Youth Clinics At This Year’s Event

Tulsa Reining Classic logoThe Tulsa Reining Classic is committed to providing a quality experience for attendees and in 2015 an enhanced focus on youth and youth activities has become a priority. Thanks to sponsorship from Cinder Lakes Ranch, educational opportunities will abound during the show that takes place Aug. 31-Sept. 6.

injection QHN

Biosecurity – Spread The Word, Not The Germs

injection QHNInfection control is easier to understand when illustrated by Mark and Dan. Through unique whiteboard videos, Equine Guelph would like you to meet Mark, a lifelong member of the horse racing industry. Mark takes you on a journey through a steep learning curve as he recognizes the threats viruses and bacteria pose for his herd. You will hear about how he experienced the need for good infection control practices firsthand. His story is all about the basics and answers: What are the differences between bacteria and viruses? How are they spread? What can you do to prevent them?

His brother Dan also has an important story to tell. Watch a second video where he tells his story about improving infection control practices to keep his horses happy, healthy and at peak performance. This video answers: What should my goals for infection control be? How can I prevent illness at home? How can I prevent illness at the track?

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Responsible, Purposeful Breeding

broodmares QHNResponsible breeders perform due diligence in all areas of stable management, financial planning and market research.The words responsible and breeding should be an inseparable pairing in the horse industry. The successful future of a foal depends heavily on the investment of the breeder to financially project costs from conception to sale or lifespan of the horse if it is to be kept. Research, research, research. The homework list is a long one including choosing a mare and stallion with great conformation and temperament, investigating their performance records, checking fertility rates, health records, offspring records and more.