Trial Delayed for Sherri Brunzell

dual-peppyDual Peppy, pictured with John Ward at the 1996 Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Derby • Photo by Midge AmesSherri Brunzell, a woman accused of animal cruelty in Black Forest, Colorado, was granted her motion for a delay in her jury trial, originally set for Feb. 24. Brunzell's lawyer requested the delay in order to collect test results and interview witnesses. The new trial date was set for May 2015.


What Is a Mecate?

DMTmecateA mecate is a rein made of a single piece of rope, usually twisted horse hair or nylon (see photo). It is used on hackamores and snaffles and is attached in a specific manner to each. The knot used to attach the mecate to a hackamore is also used to adjust the size of the hackamore noseband by taking more or less wraps of the mecate around the base of the noseband just in front of the heel knot. Mecates are attached to snaffle bits with slobber straps.

Living Vicariously

In this issue of Quarter Horse News, we pay tribute to owners – those all-important people who provide trainers with horses and pay the bills, but sometimes languish in anonymity on the sidelines.

The owner hat is one most of us wear or have worn in our lives. The person who starts as an owner might eventually become a breeder or a competitor. The loper or groom working her way up from the bottom might be eagerly anticipating the day he or she can become an owner. The veterinarian who works on competitive horses all day long may have a trail horse waiting at home, ready to take him away from a stressful job.

NRHA logo BW

NRHA Concludes Winter Meeting

NRHA logo BWThe National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) concluded five days of productive meetings with NRHA’s top leaders this past week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Focusing on the association’s core business objectives for 2015, the NRHA’s board of directors also met to guide the future of the sport of reining.


AQHA Executive Vice President Named

CHuffhinesCraig HuffhinesThe American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is pleased to announce that Craig Huffhines, currently executive vice president of the American Hereford Association, has been selected to assume the executive vice president leadership role for the AQHA. Huffhines will begin his new duties shortly after the AQHA Convention in March.

Kat KWimberly

What’s In A Name?

Kat KWimberlyKaitlyn Wimberly riding Kat, owned by her father, Billy MartinOne of the perks of interviewing so many people about their horses is learning about barn names, and where they came from. Many of the stories that accompany these nicknames are as unique as the names themselves.

CR Tuff Hearted Cat Ronnie Rice

Center Ranch to Hold Production Sale in October

CR Tuff Hearted Cat Ronnie RiceCenter Ranch's 2012 NCHA Futurity Co-Champion CR Tuff Hearted Cat, with Ronnie Rice. Photo credit - NCHA photo by Alan Gold.There was a lot of buzz about Center Ranch at the 2014 NCHA Futurity, where five of the ranch’s entries ranked among the top go-round contenders and four qualified for the Open Finals, a record showing for an individual owner. On Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2015, Center Ranch will hold its first ever Production Sale with an offering of approximately 30 yearlings, 40 two-year-olds, 10 broodmares, and 10 finished 3-year-olds entered in the NCHA Futurity. 

DMT bridling

A Practical Guide to Unbridling

DMT bridlingOne of the most important aids used in communication with your horse is your bridle reins. It’s nice to have reins that are hanging freely with no twists, kinks or folds at the start of each ride. Your horse will appreciate it as much as you do! This is an easy, efficient way to unbridle that leaves your bridle, including reins, ready to hang the instant you remove it from your horse. This method will keep your reins untangled and flowing smoothly so you’re always ready to ride!