Colorado Horse Park Now On The Market

The Colorado Horse Park, which has hosted horse shows for 21 years, has been placed on the market. Founded by Helen Krieble, the facility, located near Parker, Colo., sees more than 35,000 visitors and more than 40 competitions each year. Click here for more information. 

Carol Rose vs. Aaron Ranch Update

The ongoing dispute between Carol Rose and Aaron Ranch regarding the ownership of 10 horses has been settled. Since last fall, Rose and Aaron Ranch have disputed the ownership of several horses purchased by Aaron Ranch as the high bidder at the August 2013 Carol Rose Quarter Horses Dispersal Sale.

The issue was settled out of court prior to a July 24 hearing with Gainesville, Texas, 235th District Court Judge Janelle Haverkamp. One of Aaron Ranch’s attorneys, Don Gordon, commented after the session adjourned, “All of the disputes between Aaron Ranch and Ms. Rose as to the 10 horses that were the subject of the injunction, and Shiners Lena Doc, have been settled. Aaron Ranch asserts no more claim to those animals.”

A Hot Topic

I would like to visit with you about a hot topic in the reining industry – the National Reining Horse Association’s proposed drug rule. Whether you agree or not, I ask that you please consider what I share with you, based on my more than 40 years of experience in the horse business. This is my opinion and only mine. I have thought long and hard about sharing it, because there are people who feel very strongly about drug rules, and I know I am exposing myself and my family to criticism. I ask that you read with an open mind, and not resort to personal attacks on Facebook or other social media sites.

Let me start by saying I do not agree with any horse trainer, owner or vet who drugs an unsound horse and blocks them to the point that they cannot feel their limbs, feet or otherwise. I am first a horseman and firmly disagree with this type of doping. You can ask any client of mine in the past 25 years of my professional career; I will not do this. I believe my horse is my teammate and I do not want to cripple or damage one for life. I know there are owners and trainers in this industry who want to win at all costs. I am not one.

However, what I can tell you is no drug rule will stop that type of individual from doing what it takes to win.

W.T. Waggoner Estate Listed For $725 Million

The 510,000-acre, historic Waggoner Ranch, established by W.T. Waggoner in 1923, has been listed for sale in North Texas for $725 million. The estate has been involved in a 12-year dispute involving the liquidation, and the family has recently agreed to offer the property for sale after the court expressed it was considering an auction […]

Do You Start Your Colts in a Sidepull, Bosal or Snaffle?

There is a wide variety of equipment used to start horses. Here are some of the handmade options from Dennis Moreland Tack!

A. Bosa
l — The bosal is a noseband, that when combined with a headstall, makes up the vaquero hackamore or la jaquima. According to Luis Ortega in his book California Hackamore la jaquima was introduced into California from Northern Mexico, the great cattle empire of that time, in the 1770s. It was used by the Dons of Spain who helped colonize parts of California and start large cattle ranches. Each ranch had a caballada or band of highly trained saddle horses which were started in hackamores.

Surprizentheprincess JMedows 13W

Jack Medows & Surprizentheprincess Take On A New Challenge At AQHYA World Show

Surprizentheprincess JMedows 13WSurprizentheprincess & Jack Medows at the 2014 NRHA Derby • Photo by WaltenberryWhen it comes to diversity in the horse industry, Cuba, Mo., resident Jack Medows has got a firm handle on it. The 16-year-old has shown his reining mare Surprizentheprincess to numerous victories in the last year and, just recently, he showed her to win his first American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) Performance Halter Mare World Championship.

Cornbread Thinks: The Convention

June-teenth, the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) held its convention in Salt Lake City, not an easy destination for many. A very wealthy family from India managed to have a million-dollar wedding there at the same time. So, it was Cowboys and Indians all weekend – a very cultural experience.

Several years ago, the powers that be decided to have the Convention in different parts of the country every other year. There is a fair amount of discussion about this. Any way you look at it, most people will have to travel. Even if it is in your backyard, your time will be spoken for. The important thing to know is this: No matter where it is, not near enough Directors or Members attend.