Not Ruf At All Does It Again

notrufatall-hrrcNot Ruf At All and Jason Vanlandingham • QHN photo by Stacy PigottThe High Roller Reining Classic concluded on Sept. 20 with a large and contentious group of horses in the Lucas Oil Derby Open and Whizkey N Diamonds Stakes Open. When it was all said and done, Not Ruf At All and Jason Vanlandingham added two more major titles and substantial earnings to their records.

UPDATE: Rick Brunzell Responds About Dual Peppy’s Condition & Skeletal Remains

Sherri Brunzell’s husband, Rick, has responded regarding his and his wife’s involvement with the mistreated horses and skeletal remains of horses found in Black Forest, Colo., on Friday, Sept. 19. He claimed that the deceased horses died from colic last winter, and admitted to the emaciated condition of Dual Peppy, who remains in the Brunzells’ […]

Have You Ever Used a Get Down?

A Get Down could be the handiest piece of equipment you own! Get Downs are designed to be worn under your bridle so you can get off and lead or tie your horse while it’s bridled. They are especially handy on the ranch or while you’re trail riding or hunting. When you’re in the saddle the Get Down rope can be carried by tucking it under your belt, double half-hitching it to your saddle horn or coiling it and attaching it to your saddle with the left front saddle string.

Dual Peppy & Other Horses Found Among Skeletons In Colorado

On Sept. 19, two women discovered several mistreated horses in Black Forest, Colo., standing among the remains of at least eight dead horses. Among the horses still alive at the facility was Dual Peppy (Peppy San Badger x Miss Dual Doc x Doc’s Remedy), a cutting performer with $86,061 in lifetime earnings and $706,288 in […]

Cornbread Thinks: Some Assembly Needed

Semifinals at the National Cutting Horse Association’s 2014 Summer Spectacular, sitting in my and Buttermilk’s box. Tom Holt just said the prayer and played the anthem – a grounding moment. There are five sets of Derby semifinalists; it’s do or die. The big money and fame are for the taking. It’s about getting one shown. Putting a run together.