Cornbread Thinks: Gunna Be Hot

JBankston14Cornbread (aka Jimmy Bankston)We had a brutal winter that has carried over into a chill spring. It won’t last. As much as we all said we would never complain about it being hot again, I bet we do. Because in Texas, it will be bake-oven hot by July, if not before. Trainers start getting up at 3 a.m. to get horses worked. That 15 or 20-degree difference means maybe five more quality minutes in a work. Which, by the way, is how the great trainers beat you – quality, not quantity.

Jumping off topic, here are a few summer customer and trainer tips. Customers, ask your trainer when they are stepping on the first horse of a day and adjust your timing to them. Be reasonable, do it their way. Quit bringing the dang donuts, start bringing cold fruit. There is no need to mention the heat. Everyone is aware, I promise you.

Feeder Cattle Push Higher At Market

USDA analysts say feeder cattle numbers are continuing to rise, and are most likely to keep going strong for the foreseeable future.  The Drovers Cattle Network has the full story.     

AQHA World Show Sale Adds Bonus Program

AQHA LogoStarting at the 2014 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Championship Show Sale, buyers have an added appeal for purchasing a horse at the sale. A new AQHA World Show Sale bonus program will attract more buyers and also give breeders and trainers an incentive to consign their horse to the 2014 AQHA World Show Sale.


Topsail Whiz Becomes 
NRHA’s First Ten Million Dollar Sire

topsailwhizjbTopsail WhizNo stranger to setting new records Topsail Whiz officially became the National Reining Horse Association’s (NRHA) first Ten Million Dollar Sire. The late Topsail Whiz soared to uncharted territory when he became NRHA’s first Six Million Dollar Sire in 2009 and continued to surpass others by achieving the first Seven Million Dollar Sire status in 2010, Eight Million Dollar Sire status in 2011, and Nine Million Dollar Sire status in 2012.

Metallika TRice SRice

Metallika and Rice Brothers Claim BI Derby Open Title

Metallika TRice SRiceMetallika with Scotty (left) and Tag RiceMetallika, a gelding with $8,001 in prior cutting earnings before heading to the Breeder’s Invitational (BI) in Tulsa, Okla., returned to Texas with more than $92,000 earned and as the BI Derby Open Champion for his owner Scotty Rice, after marking a 225 in Saturday’s finals with his trainer and Scotty’s brother, Tag.