2014 West Coast Breeders Select Sale

West Coast Breeders Select Sale
Held September 20, 2014
43 horses consigned
$622,200 gross for a $14,470 average
25 sold (58%), $321,300 net, $12,852 average and $9,000 median.

Cornbread Thinks: It’s Kind of a Big Deal

The NCHA Futurity starts this month. Our biggest deal. In today’s world of war, pestilence, drought, non-functioning politicians, earthquakes, rampant crazy and such, we are tiny. I’m guessing Mr. Putin has never even heard of us. Too bad, we could fix him. We could fix a lot of oversized egos, given a half a chance. During this Futurity thing, we ain’t knowing much about him, either. It is all consuming. Because all it takes is all you got and, unfortunately, that is sometimes still not enough.