Winner of the Omega Alpha Quarter Horse News/ Action Photo Contest

HutchingsPhoto by Andrew LarsonCongratulations to Andrew Larson of Hutchings Performance Horses in Fallon, Nevada! His photo won this week’s Omega Alpha Equine Quarter Horse News/ Action Photo Contest. Along with the photo, Andrew submitted this caption: "We have weekly ropings at our arena in Fallon, NV and I took this picture I really like of these guys working hard (and their horses working hard)  We breed rope horses. thanks!”

Judge Denies the AQHA Again

An Amarillo federal judge on Friday denied another bid by the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) to overturn a court order requiring it to register cloned quarter horses and their offspring.

The association filed legal briefs Friday claiming that the plaintiffs did not offer a legally sufficient basis to support their trial claims that the AQHA violated federal and state antitrust law by barring clones. But U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson again ruled against the association.

ImLickChecks BErickson SP 13 MA

South Point Futurity Names Open Champions

ImLickChecks BErickson SP 13 MASouth Point Futurity Open Champions Im Licken Checks and Brent Erickson - photo by Midge AmesIm Licken Checks and Brent Erickson started about as well as a cutting horse and trainer can by marking a first-go 222 Friday then adding a 218 Saturday to earn a combined $7,586 and the South Point Futurity Open Championship with a 440 composite.

Lane Livingston

Tunnel Vision

[caption id="attachment_37626" align="alignnone" width="219"]Lane LivingstonLane Livingston[/caption]Lane LivingstonAs a veterinarian, I really have to work so I don't develop tunnel vision when it comes to the horses I get to work with. My examinations are not that different from any other vet.  They revolve around whatever problem the horse is presented for – lameness, colic, a wound, eye injury, you name it. The owner or hauler brings them in, or I take a look at them wherever they may be. Haltered and on the end of a lead rope, we go through the formalities of an exam.


Judge Orders the AQHA to Register Clones

TwoSocksTwo Socks, a clone, is now eligible for registration with the American Quarter Horse Association.An Amarillo federal judge on Thursday ordered the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) to change its rules to begin registering quarter horse clones and their offspring.

Judge Orders the AQHA to Pay Cloning Legal Fees

On Monday, Aug. 19, U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson signed an order granting the plaintiffs’ application for attorneys’ fees totaling nearly $900,000 in the ongoing cloning lawsuit against the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).


Top Cutting Trainers Roll With the Changes

MattTaraGainesTara and Matt GainesRoger Wagner has ridden Stylish Martini to a lead in the 2013 National Cutting Horse Association Open Horse of the Year race and will soon become the 14th rider in cutting history to earn more than $4 million. He’s also looking for a new job.


Todd Bergen & Peptos Shiney Pistol Top NSHA Futurity Open

ToddBergenFuturity Open Champions Todd Bergen & Peptos Shiney PistolAs reined cow horse trainers prepare their 3-year-olds for the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, Nev., Todd Bergen can easily say he’s getting excited. Up against some of his future Reno competition, Bergen piloted Peptos Shiney Pistol to a National Stock Horse Association (NSHA) Futurity Open win. The show was held in Paso Robles, Calif., Aug. 15-18.

Playing Well With Others

I was at a show recently and overheard a verbal exchange between a trainer and his customer following an unsuccessful performance by the customer. Far from supportive or encouraging, I witnessed  a brutal degradation on a personal level with little helpful critique to the actual performance. Rather than walking away with a valuable learning experience, I suspect the customer was left with a bruised self-esteem and little motivation to come back for more.