Update! Emergency Liquidation Sale of Babcock Quarter Horses Inc. Update

emergencysaleAccording to Professional Auction Services, procedures for the emergency liquidation sale of Babcock Quarter Horses Inc. will be available at noon on Sept. 21. Deadline for offers is noon, Friday, Sep. 24. Offers will be presented at a hearing tentatively scheduled for next week. Bidders can be present at the hearing. A 20 percent deposit will be required by the Trustee prior to the hearing. Separate offers have been made available. Click "Read More" to see the amended inventory. Amended Inventory:

*Trashadeous and Cowboy Smarts* have been added to this offering.
Transfer of horses will be delayed until premits are secured to
transfer frozen semen.

*    SEPARATE OFFER for Frozen Semen*
*        You can make a SEPARATE offer for the Frozen Semen of
Trashadeous and Cowboy Smarts*
Trashadeous -  469 total doses (258 doses at Babcock,  211
doses at Babcock Ranch)
Cowboy Smarts - 295 Doses (81 doses at Select Breeders, 213
doses at Babcock Ranch)

*Inspection of horses*
Contact Tim Jennings to make an appointment.  He will inform ranch personnel and
contact you with the schedule.

The Trustee will sign any and all applicable documents to facilitate
transfer and registrations with AQHA.

Contact Professional Auction Services Inc. at 800-240-7900, Mike Jennings at 703-346-8133, or Tim Jennings 703-216-6818.

For more information and to see the entire inventory of horses, check out the auction here.