2011 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Select 2-Year-Old Sale

NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale
Held October 1, 2011
58 horses consigned
$882,600 gross for a $15,217 average
42 sold (72%), $673,900 net, $16,045 average and $7,300 median

2010 NRCHA Select 2 Year-Old Sale
86 horses consigned
$979,300 gross for a $11,387 average
70 sold (81%), $840,400 net, $12,006 average and $5,000 median

2009 NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale
92 horses consigned
$899,100 gross for a $9,773 average
73 sold (79%), $747,700 net, $10,242 average and $5,500 median.


2011 NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale
Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1    Honey Bees    $125,000
(2/12/2009 red roan m) (Peptoboonsmal x Savannah Hickory x Doc’s Hickory); Brad Lund, Agent for Eric Dunn; Debbie Branch.

2    Too Long Til Autumn    $59,000
(1/2/2009 chestnut s) (Autumn Acre x Lil Lena Long Legs x Smart Little Lena); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence; Tammy Fink.

3    Maximum Spoonful    $54,000
(2/9/2009 gray s) (Hes A Peptospoonful x PG Maxine x Playgun); Terry/Brit Ratto; Mary Capone.

4    Tootsie Rey Time    $44,000
(5/7/2009 sorrel s) (One Time Pepto x Tootsie Rey x Dual Rey); Cayley Wilson, Agent for Sarah/Judd Sherman; Richard/Rena Whyler.

5    Swingin Around    $36,000
(3/7/2009 bay s) (Nitro Dual Doc x Swingin Star Lady x Justa Swinging Peppy); Corey Cushing Perf. Horses, Agent for Allan Kaplan; Jim/Linda Schrack.

6    WR Dual Cats Smart    $32,000 (RNA)
(4/20/2009 sorrel s) (WR This Cats Smart x Dualano x Doc O Wena); Lloyd Moore.

7    HL This Cats Playful    $30,000
(3/28/2009 sorrel g) (WR This Cats Smart x Playful Rosie x Freckles Playboy); GS Cutting Horses LLC; Patty Ralls.

8    Short And Smart    $28,500
(3/31/2009 sorrel s) (Smart Little Lena x Miss Shorty Paloma x Shorty Lena); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Barbara Hastings.

9    Cats Pitchfork 09    $26,000 (RNA)
(3/24/2009 bay m) (WR This Cats Smart x Pitchforks Lena x Shorty Lena); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence.

10    Hoo Talks Money    $25,500
(3/25/2009 sorrel m) (Meradas Money Talks x Hoo Doo My Lena x ARC Matt O Lena); Pam Crawford; Garth/Amanda Gardiner.

11    Fancy One Time    $23,000
(2/26/2009 sorrel s) (One Time Pepto x Fancy Handle x Dual Pep); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Mary Lee White.

12    Betsys Avatar    $22,000
(3/1/2009 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Betsys Boonsmal x Peptoboonsmal); Todd Bergen Performance Horses; Diane Clare.

13    Wright On Rachel    $21,500 (RNA)
(4/3/2009 bay m) (Lenas Wright On x Shesa Lota Nic x Reminic); Luke Jones.

14    PRF Smooth Operator    $21,000
(3/15/2009 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Sons Miss Sprat x Sons Rushette); Davis Brothers Performance Horses LLC; Nick Meagher.

15/16    Oaks In Montana    $17,500 (RNA)
(2/28/2009 sorrel g) (Mister Montana Nic x Oak Ill Be x Ill be Smart); Todd Crawford, Agent for KC Performance Horses.

15/16    Seemslike Ol Times    $17,500 (RNA)
(3/4/2009 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Old Times One x CD Olena); Terry/Brit Ratto.

17/18    One Cute Boonie    $16,500
(4/1/2009 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Little Lena Boon x Smart Little Lena); Doug Koontz; Gian Giacono Mattioli.

17/18    Pantera Pepto    $16,500
(4/17/2009 red roan m) (Peptoboonsmal x Rio Gato x High Brow Cat); Terry/Brit Ratto; Donald McLean.

19    Chu Are My Starlight    $16,000 (RNA)
(4/16/2009 sorrel s) (Chula Dual x Amanda Starlight x Grays Starlight); Terry/Brit Ratto.

20    Hickorys Last Light    $15,500
(3/18/2009 bay s) (Bobs Hickory Rio x Amanda Light x Grays Starlight); Richard Hayes II; Steve/Peggy Flint.

21    Smoking Lights    $14,500 (RNA)
(3/17/2009 sorrel s) (CD Lights x Playgirls Smokinlena x Freckles Playboy); Darren Miller.

22    RPL Autumn Duece    $13,000
(4/14/2009 chestnut s) (Autumn Acre x Ruby Duece x Smart Little Jerry); Davis Brothers Performance Horses LLC; Blue Allen.

23    Kit Cat Kaboom    $12,500 (RNA)
(4/13/2009 red roan m) (Nitro Dual Doc x Kit Cat Merada x High Brow Cat); Shadd Parkinson Perf. Horses, Agent for Allan Kaplan.

24    Boomin Time    $9,500
(1/6/2009 sorrel s) (One Time Pepto x Boomerita x Boomernic); Corey Cushing Perf. Horses, Agent for Day Creek Ranch LLC; Lyle Fredereckson.

25    Sweet Lil Oak    $9,000
(1/28/2009 bay roan s) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Oak N Sugs UFO x Doc’s Oak); Roeser Ranch Company; Kyle Trahern.

26    Boonlight Baby    $8,500 (RNA)
(3/2/2009 sorrel g) (Boonlight Dancer x Ill Be Baby x Ill Be Smart); Quail Ridge Ranch.

27    My Favorite Remedy    $8,000
(2/22/2009 bay m) (Very Smart Remedy x Gunna Be Mine x Gunna Smoke); Annie Reynolds, Agent for J. Pearson; Lyle Fredereckson.

28/33    Bud E Holly    $7,500
(1/27/2009 chestnut g) (Nic It In The Bud x Spark N Loulena x Shining Spark); Jake Telford, Agent for Newt White; Del/Susan Bell.

28/33    Fine Chili Starlight    $7,500 (RNA)
(3/15/2009 sorrel m) (Light N Fine x Smokums Chili Pepper x Smokum Oak); John Blackburn.

28/33    Hes Got The Spot    $7,500
(3/2/2009 sorrel g) (Spots Hot x Cat Baleena x High Brow Cat); Terry/Brit Ratto; Kyle Trahern.

28/33    One Time Bugsy    $7,500 (RNA)
(5/9/2009 sorrel g) (One Time Pepto x High Brow Lady Cat x High Brow Cat); Todd Crawford.

28/33    RLH Texas Playboy    $7,500 (RNA)
(4/2/2009 red roan g) (Yellow Roan Of Texas x RLH Playdoxsdynamite x Playdox); Richard Hayes II.

28/33    RR One Fine Time    $7,500 (RNA)
(3/16/2009 sorrel m) (Peptotime x Cats N Jammers x High Brow Cat); Darrel/Cari Norcutt.

34    Justa Plain Kiss    $7,400
(4/24/2009 brown s) (Just Plain Colonel x Kiss Me A Little x Smart Little Pepinic); Ward Ranch; Lita West.

35    Two Kitties    $7,200
(3/11/2009 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Sr Jaguar x Doc O’Lena); Steve Kovacs, Agent for Sally Fisher; Lazy T Ranch.

36/37    Ill Be Jolie    $7,000
(4/1/2009 sorrel m) (Ill Be Smart x AR Little Jolie x Powder River Playboy); Quail Ridge Ranch; Gian Giacono Mattioli.

36/37    Maizy Day    $7,000
(4/1/2009 palomino m) (Cat Ichi x Jazz A Lee x Dual Jazz); Debbie/T.J. Day; Susan Collins.

38    A Hearts Remedy    $6,500 (RNA)
(5/31/2009 bay g) (Heart Of A Fox x Miss Macy Remedy x Mister Dual Pep); Jon Roeser.

39    Wink A Day    $6,000
(3/12/2009 bay g) (Cat Ichi x The Whole Day x Smart Little Lena); Matt Day; Maria Murphy.

40    Spots Hotrod    $5,800
(3/2/2009 sorrel s) (Spots Hot x Miss Dual Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Sandy Collier, Agent for Tammy Fink; Frank Young.

41    CD Olenas Jewel    $5,500
(1/25/2009 sorrel s) (CD Olena x Southern Jewels x Lenas Jewel Bars); Luke Jones, Agent for Kenneth Schueller; Sonja Myrstol.

42/44    Rebel Little Boon    $5,000
(4/3/2009 sorrel m) (Boon A Little x Conchita Gay Rebel x Doc Quixote); Shawn Hays, Agent for Spear Seven LLC; T. J. Shippy.

42/44    Spoonful Of Courage    $5,000
(4/2/2009 red roan s) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Roseanna Dual x Dual Pep); Doug Koontz; Savanna Koontz.

42/44    This Cats A Chic    $5,000
(5/9/2009 bay s) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Smart Chic Aloha x Smart Chic Olena); Ken/Ramona Wold; Luke Jones.

45    A Steller Cat    $4,800
(4/29/2009 sorrel g) (WR This Cats Smart x My Blonde Playmate x Smart Mate); John Kratzer, Agent for Barry Clark; Ronnie Richards.

46    San Rio Olena    $4,700
(3/31/2009 brown m) (Bobs Hickory Rio x Tina Bar Peppy x Peppy San Badger); Richard Hayes II; Jerry Baber.

47    Mister Right    $4,600
(4/19/2009 bay g) (Mister Smart Remedy x Ali Hickory x Docs Gay Hickory); Jon Roeser; Diana Hanson.

48    Smart Desmo Cat    $4,400
(5/27/2009 sorrel g) (WR This Cats Smart x Christa Lena Hickory x Doc’s Hickory); Jamey Mazzotta; Richard Wright.

49    High Brow Magic    $4,200
(5/20/2009 chestnut m) (Chics Magic Potion x XL High Dolly x High Brow Hickory); Lyn Anderson; Ellory Mills.

50    Barneys A Tomcat    $4,000
(5/3/2009 palomino g) (Tomcat Chex x Karenlee Lena x Stag A Lena); Lee Livingston; Alan Chappell.

51    Name Pending    $3,800 (RNA)
(4/29/2009 sorrel g) (Pastels Smart Lena x Litas Cash Register x Cash Quixote Rio); Mark/Lisa Bernhardt.

52    Heart Stoppin Fox    $3,500
(3/25/2009 bay g) (Heart Of A Fox x Mini Me x Dual Peppy); Jon Roeser; Jamie Lee Schrack.

53    SV Fox In Sox    $3,000
(1/1/2009 bay g) (Heart Of A Fox x Satin Playboy x Freckles Playboy); Sandy Collier, Agent; Sally Venn.

54    Colonel Oskar    $2,700
(4/8/2009 bay s) (Just Plain Colonel x Fannys Lil Critter x Mr Holey Critter); Casey/Bo Branquinho; Chyann Henry.

55    Paddys Hickory Lena    $2,500
(3/29/2009 bay s) (Bermuda Hickory x Paddys Pepsi Lena x Paddys Irish Whiskey); Sean Howard, Agent for Kenny Strickland; Michelle Mayer.

56    Name Pending    $2,400 (RNA)
(5/16/2009 sorrel m) (Pastels Smart Lena x Flyin Hai Tivito x Hai Flyin Lena); Mark/Lisa Bernhardt.

57    JK Smart Remedy Lena    $2,000
(5/12/2009 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x JK Benitos Lena x Black Little Lena); Jim/Kathy Felton; Shawn/Kim Renshaw. (In August 2011, this horse had surgery for a leg injury - vet certification there would be no permanent symptoms).

58    Smartanna Gal    $1,600
(3/22/2009 bay m) (Bermuda Hickory x KF Smart Anna x Sailing Smart); Sean Howard, Agent for Kenny Strickland; Wade Desa.