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AQHA Honors Longtime Breeders

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maresfoalsNov. 4, 2010 – AQHA thanks its 50-year breeders for working to improve the American Quarter Horse. This year, the honorees range from breeders who have bred cutting and ranch horses to those who have bred rodeo and racehorses. All of these breeders have dedicated 50 years to taking their best and making it better.

"It's our honor to recognize the effort and time these breeders have spent in pushing the development of the American Quarter Horse," says Don Treadway Jr., AQHA executive vice president.

Legacy breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 consecutive years. Cumulative breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 years cumulatively.

AQHA has been honoring longterm breeders since 1986. In the years since then, 149 cumulative breeders and 135 Legacy breeders have been recognized.

The breeders who reached 50 years in 2010 were honored at a banquet Oct. 12, where Don and AQHA President Johannes Orgeldinger invited them to talk about their years with American Quarter Horses.

Legacy breeders received a Lisa Perry bronze, and cumulative breeders received a trophy in recognition of their efforts.

The American Quarter Horse Legacy breeders honored were:
Zoe Ann Huffman, Whitman, Nebraska
Russel Silha, Bowman, South Dakota
Ronald T. Pace, Provo, Utah
Don and Kathleen Strain, White River, South Dakota
G.M. "Dogie" Jones, Watrous, New Mexico
William R. Murrell, Gruver, Texas

The American Quarter Horse cumulative breeders honored were:
Tom Hennigh Jr., Effingham, Illinois
Dr. William H. Hay, Ottawa, Kansas
Arlie King, Marion, Illinois
Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch, Lubbock, Texas
Bell Ranch, New Mexico

The American Quarter Horse breeders who were unable to attend were:
H.L. Beckendorff, Gonzales, Texas
John Maurice Fisher, Marlow, Oklahoma
T.C. Stoner, Uvalde, Texas
L.M. Pearce Jr., Houston
Wilbur Silvils, Excelsior Spring, Missourimaresfoals