Cornbread Thinks: Politics & Us

I generally dislike politics and politicians. There is no escaping them though. If you don’t pay attention to them, “they” don’t pay attention to you. For a fee, you can hire someone to do this for you. These people are called lobbyists. Some have titles that belie what they do, i.e. executive director of a non-profit trade organization. They still must register as a lobbyist. It is no job for an amateur. Or idealist. Or anyone who sees things in white and black.

Cornbread Thinks: Selling is not Showing

My favoritest thing to do in Fort Worth, Texas, is turn cattle in a sale for horses under saddle. Candy and Jeremy Barwick are gracious enough to humor me in this adventure. I work cheap.

Cornbread Thinks: Went to Convention

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Convention happened in June in Grapevine, Texas, the home city for DFW Airport and a “ring city” to Fort Worth and Dallas. Fort Worth is the “FW” in the “DFW Metroplex.” The census people are currently without a good definition for exactly what the DFW Metroplex encompasses. The official area number is 7 million souls. Operating on the “what touches mine” theory, the number is close to 8 million, which is a manure load of people. We live in an unincorporated area of Tarrant County, with a Fort Worth address. It was an hour drive to the convention. We stayed at the hotel. Short story, we live here and had to travel.

Cornbread Thinks: What People Do

We moved to a new place a while back. I was waiting on the old place to close before I built my new shop. I crammed as much as I could into the existing three-stall barn. Since I own every tool known to man, it looked like 30 pounds of manure in a 10-pound sack. Then the rains came. And came. I have been running around like a head with my chicken cut off trying to get organized enough to function. So, when the nice, hysterical lady called with a horse down, hung up in the wire fence and bleeding, it was a welcome break. It was also an opportunity I badly needed. I’ll get to that later.

Cornbread Thinks: Talent ‘R’ Us

Buttermilk sent a link on Facebook one Tuesday night. She said she would like to go see some guy named Chris Botti. She likes those fancy singing guys. I’m not fancy and can’t sing, so we go see people who can. I went online, got two tickets for Saturday. Since Buttermilk is always right, I didn’t even check out this Botti. By the grace of God, third row, center. Well, he isn’t a singer. He plays trumpet. He’s one of the greatest in the world. It brings to mind people like Gerald Alexander. If you are in the business, everyone who seeks out the best knows him... respects him... is in awe of him. Mr. Botti attracts talent like money does politicians. His band is made up of people who are world class in their own right. One hundred fifty minutes of awesomeness.


Frankly Speaking: Horse First, Me Second

LipChainDiscipline-specific welfare issues – such as the use of lip chains on halter horses – require horsemen to step back and look at the big picture, rather than focusing on self-centered niche interests.At long last, welfare issues have come front and center in the minds of equine organizations.

Cornbread Thinks: Stuff You Hear in the Cow Boxes

My part of the Lucas Oil National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes, as far as showing goes, is over. It did not go well. My fault. I cut a bad cow once and cut bad next. Both preventable. The bad cow might not have been bad if I had cut her second or drove her out farther or, or, or... you know. We picked her together and had consensus. I ate steak that night to get even. The second cow got a step on me. Yellow baldy. My choice was chase her into the corner or switch off, counting on all five judges’ eyesight to fail. It did not. I got hit with a switch. Never got a chance to show my horse because of decisions I made or agreed to before I ever left the cow boxes.

Cornbread Thinks: Maintenance

What is the most expensive kind of maintenance? Deferred. The cheapest? Preventative. The easiest to put off? Regular. The most ignored? Ourselves. I am tired of being serious. Pay attention.


Frankly Speaking: Why Don’t You Take The Day Off?

orren-mixers-horseOrren Mixer's horseI write this column a month in advance of its published date so, I can only guess at the outcome of the upcoming American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Convention. By now, all of you will have heard the news as to who has been elected to serve AQHA’s membership on the executive committee, board of directors, changes in the rules and other pertinent information that has been decided on during this annual meeting.

Cornbread Thinks: Plan Your Party & Party Your Plan

As a community, we are all in this together. In truth, the whole world is in this together. It’s hard to understand how one fool on the other side of the world can pull off one stunt and we all go barefoot in the airport. Or it can be one hero and the change is for the better. The world of cutting is no different.