Insights & Opinions: No Excuses

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several different sports throughout the years. In that time, I’ve also had the pleasure of training with all kinds of coaches.

Breeding & Beyond: Matchmaking

One incredible plus about working on a ranch with more than 300 horses at the minimum at any given time of year is you learn. You learn fast.
Quarter Horse News magazine july 1, 2020, cover snippet

July 1, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine

Features Breaking the RulesThe Breeder’s Invitational grew out of a desire to promote stallion owners and has become one of the nation’s premier cutting events. By Lillian Kent & Molly Montag, Page 36 Resounding Success Three years after narrowly escaping the largest wildfire in Kansas history, Garth and Amanda Gardiner’s cow horse breeding operation is […]
Quarter Horse News June 15, 2020, cover snippet

June 15, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine

Features Confident CuttersTexas trainer Tatum Rice uses these four guidelines to train a more self-assured, tenacious cutting horse. By Ross Hecox, Page 28 Old Passion, New MotivationAfter Amy Bell’s unexpected death, her family grappled emotionally with how to move the Kalpowar Quarter Horses program forward. They found the answer in the horses she loved. By […]

Breeding & Beyond: They Always Make Something

In my column in the March 1 magazine, I brought up the subject of finding the best cross for your horse, no matter the popularity factor. I’m very passionate about this subject. Anyone who knows me knows my opinion on the matter couldn’t fit in one column, so I’m going to expand. (I can already hear […]
quarter horse news magazine june 1 2020 cover snippet

June 1, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine

Features Gettin’ Personal With … Clint MarshallThis executive’s life as a reined cow horse owner began as a journey in football and business, then circled back to the Western heritage he always held dear. By John Henry, Page 32 Ready, Set, Go for Non-ProBrad Barkemeyer recognizes a horse suited for a non-pro does not have […]

Insights & Opinions: Unintended Consequences

The last thing you want is to read another commentary about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or the respiratory disease COIVD-19. But as a journalist, I would be remiss not to address it. The situation is fast-changing. What is true today may be vastly different from what is happening in the world by the time you […]

Insights & Opinions: Catalyst for Growth

Where do good horses come from? What about great ones? I think most of us can agree it’s a careful balance of genetics, athleticism, conformation and trainability … all with at least a pinch of God-given talent. But what it takes to develop great horses into performers in our industry is a different matter. Along with […]