Giving you and your horse the confidence to perform.

Sponsored by Purina An estimated 90% of active horses experience gastric discomfort, affecting their health, attitude, and performance. Common activities like stall confinement, exercise, transportation, and weaning are known to […]

She’s Back!

Sponsored by Bimeda After High Valor was injured in a fall at the Calgary Rodeo last year, barrel racer Dona Kay Rule carefully rehabbed her 2009 gelding. But Rule is […]

Understanding a Horses Gut Health

In 2003, the Nutrena® brand revolutionized the feed industry with the debut of the original SafeChoice® Horse Feed, the first controlled starch horse feed to hit the market. In 2023, Nutrena® is revolutionizing […]

Look Good Doing What You Do Best

Sponsored by Classic Equine Your horse’s turnout says a lot about you and your commitment to putting your best foot forward in the show pen. His hair coat tells a […]