A Holiday Gift Guide from Horseware

Whether you’re a horse lover looking to build out your wish list or searching for that perfect gift for the equestrian in your life, Horseware® Ireland has compiled our favorite equestrian gift ideas to help save you time shopping!
woman hugging senior horse

More Good Years With Your Senior Horse

When our equine partners and trusted companions reach their golden years, their nutritional needs change. Maintaining good health requires consistent and complete nutrition, especially when their dental condition deteriorates and they can no longer effectively chew hay or pasture.
70 Ranch Performance Horses Online Sale

70 Ranch Performance Horses Inaugural Horse Sale

70 Ranch Performance Horses is generating so many quality colts in several different disciplines in the western riding industry, and we are honored to have the ability to use the Solo Select Sale platform. We raise a little of everything — cowhorses, barrel horses, cutters, rope horses and race horses.
ultimate back protection - Classic Equine Pad

Ultimate Back Protection

Your successful ride relies on a few key components, but one of the most important is your horse’s back and its ability to carry you and your saddle under intense, rigorous movements and varying riding conditions.
Purina Omega Match

Is Your Horse A Match For Omega Match?

Many horses are not able to graze—due to pasture availability, travel schedule or soluble carbohydrate sensitivity—missing out on the benefits of green grass, including omega fatty acids and natural vitamin E. Team Purina set out to create a feed to uniquely balance a horse’s diet as nature intended.

 EquiSUMMIT Learning Event

Horse owners are continually looking for research and information related to the health and performance issues. To help fill that demand, Kemin Equine is proud to present the 2022 EquiSUMMIT™!
Hands holding Standlee Hay Cubes

The Scoop on Hay Cubes for Horses

Hay cubes consist of dried forage, such as alfalfa, that is formed into 1.25” wide x 2.5” long rectangular pieces. To make a cube, Standlee Premium Products first grows the forage plant to the proper stage of maturity, and then cuts, dries and bales the forage into conventional bales for storage.