PaleFaceDunnit RPaul

Pale Face Dunnit Moves to Silver Spurs Equine

PaleFaceDunnit RPaulPale Face Dunnit was ridden by Randy Paul to the Futurity Open Championship at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association Summer Slide. • Photo by Primo MoralesOn Tuesday, Sept. 14, Craig and Ginger Schmersal announced a partnership on their stallion, Pale Face Dunnit, with Silver Spurs Equine in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pale Face Dunnit will now stand at Silver Spurs Equine, owned by Michael and Michelle Miola.


Farewell to Gallo Del Cielo

04-GalloDelCieloJohnBrassGallo Del Cielo • Photo by John BrasseauxThe Western performance horse world, and the reining industry in particular, lost a legend on Aug. 20 when 26-year-old Gallo Del Cielo, commonly known as “Rooster,” passed away due to an accident.

NRHA logo BW

NRHA Announces Rule Changes

NRHA logo BWThe National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) concluded its August 2015 board of directors meeting, making several recommendations and approving several important rule changes in an effort to advance the sport of reining. In addition to important event conditions and guidelines, the board also discussed all 2016 rule change proposals submitted to the body earlier this year. The board considered long-term administrative, global and fiduciary impact, in addition to member feedback provided via its website, direct contact and letters from the membership.


Young Reiners Score Big With Scholarships

ADaggettKaitlyn Schultz is among seven young reiners who have received RHSF scholarships.The Reining Horse Sports Foundation (RHSF) is excited to announce the recipients of more than $10,000 in academic and need-based scholarships for seven youth members: Jarid Walton, Alexis Daggett, Kaitlyn Schultz, Emma Holbrook, Wyatt Marshall, Jessie Parsons and Joan Lehman.


Walla Walla Whiz Reaches Million-Dollar Milestone

ARCWallaDunDidItARC Walla Dun Did It, pictured with Andrea Fappani, is Walla Walla Whiz's leading money-earner. • Photo by Jeff Kirkbride PhotographyThe National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is excited to announce that Walla Walla Whiz is the newest stallion to join the Million Dollar Sire group! He skyrocketed past this milestone with the help of his offspring, who boast $1,008,228 in official NRHA earnings.

NRHA Bylaw Amendment Voting Begins Aug. 10

Starting on Aug. 10, members of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) will begin voting on important bylaw amendments that appointed task forces and committees have been hard at work developing in order to streamline association business, create efficiencies within the organizational structure and adopt established best practices of governance. These bylaw amendments are a result of long-term planning sessions initiated in 2014 and are intended to allow the NRHA and its elected leaders to better serve the membership throughout the calendar year.


Red Tape Clarifies Center At NRHA Derby

redtapeRed tape down the back gates of the Coliseum marks 10 feet each side of the center of the arena.Red tape has led to quite a conversation at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby in Oklahoma City. This isn’t the kind of “red tape” that involves mounds of paperwork or proverbial hoops to jump through. No, this red tape is the literal, sticky-on-one-side kind. And it’s got a lot of folks asking questions.

At this year’s Derby, show officials elected to mark the center region of each show arena with red tape down the walls and/or gates. According to Chairman of the NRHA Judges Committee Jody Brainard, the tape marks an area 10 feet either side of the center of pen. It serves as an aid to demonstrate to riders and judges the area considered the “center” of the arena.