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In the Know: Forage Height to Promote Growth

IntheKnow switchgrassNative grasses like switchgrass need to be maintained at taller heights to promote forage growth. • Photo by Peggy Greb/United States Department of Agriculture

Horses graze closer to the ground than cattle, which makes overgrazing in horse pastures a problem. To promote growth, a minimum forage height should always be maintained. That height is dependent on the grass species. For example, in Texas, Bermudagrass and Bahia grass should have a minimum height of 3 to 4 inches.

intheKnow CT01 Recipients 16HH

In the Know: Dave McGregor Award

intheKnow CT01 Recipients 16HH Chubby Turner joined past Dave McGregor Award recipients on stage following an emotional presentation. • Photo by Hannah Harrel

While many horsemen strive to earn as much money as they can in the cutting pen during their careers, sometimes the paychecks aren’t the most important aspect of the sport. Kindness, determination and dedication go a long way, and the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association (PCCHA) has emphasized the importance of these characteristics.

IntheKnow BI01 JSeago KidsCutting 16AL

In the Know: Kids Cutting

IntheKnow BI01 JSeago KidsCutting 16ALJan Seago was buried in the sand by her grandson Jaxon Seago while watching the Kids Cutting, an event she created to give the younger generation something to do during the BI. • Photo by Alex Lynch

Kids. Kids everywhere, with nothing to do. Jan Seago, practice pen manager for the Breeder’s Invitational (BI), couldn’t help but notice that fact at the show more than 10 years ago. But while some are observers, Seago is a doer. She thought of ideas to keep the younger generation occupied during the BI, and what she came up with has become one of the biggest attractions of the show.

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In the Know: The Arabian Guys

IntheKnow ITK01 SHSmokeNSparks NKent 16WAt the Wild Card Reining Challenge, Nathan Kent and Sage Hill Arabians-bred SH Smoke N Sparks (AR), owned by Connie O’Brien, picked up the Half-Arabian Level 1 Open Championship. • Photo by Waltenberry

Nathan Kent and Preston Kent both train reining horses, but they had an unconventional start in the industry. The brothers grew up breaking Arabian colts and riding them in the mountains of Idaho. Their father, Dave Kent, has owned Arabians since he was a little boy and has been breeding them to use on their ranch for 30 years, according to Nathan.

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In the Know: A Mustang Reiner

IntheKnow web 01-CiscosSassySensation KWadman 15KW-copyKaitlyne Wadman and Sassy • Courtesy of Kaitlyne Wadman

Three years ago, Zack Zalewski was killed in a car accident, leaving his girlfriend, Kaitlyne Wadman, behind. At this year’s All American Quarter Horse Congress, Wadman dedicated her freestyle reining performance to him, incorporating a flag at the end of the run that read, “In Loving Memory of Zack.”

Intheknow CatBlackI RChartier 15SR web

In the Know: The Best Reserve Ever

Intheknow CatBlackI RChartier 15SR webCat Black I is a mare Randy Chartier calls “incredible, smart and very athletic.” • Shane Rux Photography

Randy Chartier has nothing but praise for Cat Black I (Smooth As A Cat x Smart Little Gal x Smart Little Lena). The 2007 mare had stifle surgery in early 2014 and has returned to the show pen ready to cut.

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In The Know: Taking A Rest

InTheKnow taking-a-rest webIt was a miracle Marc Wagman even got to ride Taking A Rest after the stallion foundered as a 3-year-old. Now, they are showing and winning. • Photo by Fletch Photography

One of the more inspirational stories that came out of The International, held Sept. 23-27 in Denver, was that of Taking A Rest, owned by Marc Wagman, of Talala, Oklahoma. Wagman rode Taking A Rest in the NRHA Non-Pro, scoring a 216 that won the Prime Time Championship, as well as the Loot For Grassroos Prime Time Amateur Championship.