Horses are an investment you want to protect. * Photo from Pexels

5 Things About Equine Insurance

What exactly is equine insurance, and is it something every horse owner should have?

5 Tips for Navigating a Pre-Purchase Exam

According to DeHaan, the purpose of a pre-purchase exam, also known as a “PPE,” is to help a buyer make an educated decision regarding the purchase of a horse. The PPE could shed light on potential issues the horse might face at the time of purchase or in the future.

5 Tips For Getting Your Horse Show-Ready

There’s something about a freshly groomed horse that improves its presence in the show pen and helps make a lasting first impression. Even better, the time you put into caring for your horse’s appearance can pay off by helping you look and feel like a winner, even if you don’t place.

5 Tips About Equine Asthma

The No. 1 non-infectious respiratory disease is equine asthma syndrome, which can present as mild-moderate or severe. If your horse develops either type, it’s going to affect the way it performs.

AAEP Appoints New Leaders

Owning unique perspective from a diverse career in private practice, academia and industry, Dr. Reuss spent six years on faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine as a clinical assistant professor and chief of the large animal medicine service

5 Tips for Equine Sports Recovery

A topic that’s discussed often in human athletics is the importance of recovery days when trying to build strength and muscle. These “rest” days often consist of yoga, stretching and […]

5 Tips for Feeding a Forage-Based Diet

Back before horses were domesticated by humans, they mostly wandered the plains, grazing on different grasses and foods all day long. Because of that, many people today believe that horses […]