As foals grow and approach weaning age, it's time to think about giving them their booster shots. • Photo by Annika Treial via Unsplash.

5 Tips for Vaccinating Foals & Weanlings

Foals get their first immunity from their mother. But, by the time they are 4-6 months old, it's time for their vaccinations.

Canadian Researcher to Study Foal Microbiomes 

The foal’s gut undergoes many changes as it develops rapidly.  More and more, experts are learning how the colonization of a gut correlates to good health.  Exploring the differences in foal microbiomes and how those differences may tie in with overall health has doctoral candidate, Jennifer MacNicol, very excited about the potential advancements the research […]

5 Tips for Vaccinating Young Horses

Vaccinating young horses before they leave their home for a training facility or other new environment is a way to ensure they have the best immunity possible.

European EHV-1 Outbreak Examined in New Report

Multiple risk factors, poor decision making and failure to follow biosecurity-related rules and regulations contributed to a European EHV-1 Outbreak outbreak that killed 18 horses in Europe last year, a newly released report found.