Curb Adjustment

DMTcurbCorrect curb (chin strap) adjustment on curb or leverage bits is critical for safety (stopping your horse) and is also important for proper function of not only the bit and curb but the entire bridle. A curb must be attached to the cheek piece rings or curb rings of the bit. It must never be attached to the snaffle rein rings on a bit with shanks and must not be too loose or too tight. In addition to safety, proper curb adjustment will allow your horse to respond to your cues accurately.

Have You Ever Used a Get Down?

A Get Down could be the handiest piece of equipment you own! Get Downs are designed to be worn under your bridle so you can get off and lead or tie your horse while it’s bridled. They are especially handy on the ranch or while you’re trail riding or hunting. When you’re in the saddle the Get Down rope can be carried by tucking it under your belt, double half-hitching it to your saddle horn or coiling it and attaching it to your saddle with the left front saddle string.

dmt bridle

Dennis Moreland Tack Wants to Know — Is Your Bridle Comfortable?

dmt bridleA bridle that fits well and is adjusted correctly will help your horse be relaxed and will help convey your cues so he can respond correctly, confidently and promptly. Since each part of the bridle works in conjunction with every other part one improper adjustment will throw everything off.

dmt ht6bridle

The DMT HT6 Bridle

dmt ht6bridleDo you need a bridle for your cutter, cow horse or any discipline that requires quick and collected turns? This Dennis Moreland Tack HT6 Bridle is handmade of exceptional materials, built to last, and the shorter reins will stay balanced in quick, tight turns in the cow pen!

DMT ThirdCutting

Which Type of Reins Do You Prefer?

DMT ThirdCuttingMultiple NCHA Champion Third Cutting, ridden by Boyd Rice, and owned by Carl and Shawnea’ Smith.Doubled and Stitched Split Reins are top sellers at Dennis Moreland Tack. To make these favorites we start with whole sides of select latigo leather. Each side of latigo is cut into 8 foot rectangles which are glued together and allowed to dry before being run through a machine known as a strap cutter.


Collar Stability — Breast Collar Fit and Safety

breastcollarsBreast Collars are generally an optional item on a saddle but for disciplines like barrel racing, roping, and cow horse where our horses make quick stops and turns with powerful acceleration and pull they can be a life saver. Steep inclines on the trail are another place a breast collar is invaluable.

Do You Start Your Colts in a Sidepull, Bosal or Snaffle?

There is a wide variety of equipment used to start horses. Here are some of the handmade options from Dennis Moreland Tack!

A. Bosa
l — The bosal is a noseband, that when combined with a headstall, makes up the vaquero hackamore or la jaquima. According to Luis Ortega in his book California Hackamore la jaquima was introduced into California from Northern Mexico, the great cattle empire of that time, in the 1770s. It was used by the Dons of Spain who helped colonize parts of California and start large cattle ranches. Each ranch had a caballada or band of highly trained saddle horses which were started in hackamores.


Do You Know Your Headstalls?

twobuckleheadstallHS33 Doubled and Stitched Two Buckle HeadstallDennis Moreland Tack wants to know, do you know which headstall has cheek buckles that will never get near your horse's eyes?