Where Do You Wear Your Spurs?

DMTspursSpurs are an invaluable tool for cueing and guiding your horse. To get effective use from your spurs they need to be positioned functionally on your boots.


Dennis Moreland Tack #HV11 Hackamore

DMThackamoreDennis Moreland Tack #HV11 HackamoreThe hackamore designed to teach a horse to move through turns with their noses first — the Dennis Moreland Tack #HV11 Hackamore:


What’s That Strap?

DMTbithobbleThe arrow is pointing to a bit hobble. A bit hobble is designed to be used on bits with shanks and is always attached to the rein rings (loops) of the bit and in front of the reins.* Bit hobbles are used to keep the shanks of the bit moving together as a unit.


Curb Adjustment

DMTcurbCorrect curb (chin strap) adjustment on curb or leverage bits is critical for safety (stopping your horse) and is also important for proper function of not only the bit and curb but the entire bridle. A curb must be attached to the cheek piece rings or curb rings of the bit. It must never be attached to the snaffle rein rings on a bit with shanks and must not be too loose or too tight. In addition to safety, proper curb adjustment will allow your horse to respond to your cues accurately.

Have You Ever Used a Get Down?

A Get Down could be the handiest piece of equipment you own! Get Downs are designed to be worn under your bridle so you can get off and lead or tie your horse while it’s bridled. They are especially handy on the ranch or while you’re trail riding or hunting. When you’re in the saddle the Get Down rope can be carried by tucking it under your belt, double half-hitching it to your saddle horn or coiling it and attaching it to your saddle with the left front saddle string.

dmt bridle

Dennis Moreland Tack Wants to Know — Is Your Bridle Comfortable?

dmt bridleA bridle that fits well and is adjusted correctly will help your horse be relaxed and will help convey your cues so he can respond correctly, confidently and promptly. Since each part of the bridle works in conjunction with every other part one improper adjustment will throw everything off.

dmt ht6bridle

The DMT HT6 Bridle

dmt ht6bridleDo you need a bridle for your cutter, cow horse or any discipline that requires quick and collected turns? This Dennis Moreland Tack HT6 Bridle is handmade of exceptional materials, built to last, and the shorter reins will stay balanced in quick, tight turns in the cow pen!