DMT spurfitting

The Quick and Simple Way to Adjust Your Spurs

DMT spurfitting

You’ve just received your new spurs and you’re excited to use them. You give them a push but they just won’t slide on your boot! Here’s the easiest way to adjust a pair of quality steel spurs, whether they’re too small or too big.

DMT PhilRapp

Do You Have A Really Sensitive Horse?

DMT PhilRappPhil Rapp and Dont Stopp Believin won the NCHA Super Stakes Open Co-Championship with a Dennis Moreland Tack aluminum shank bit.Phil Rapp stopped in my shop yesterday to tell me that he had used one of my bits to pilot Dont Stopp Believin to the 2015 NCHA Super Stakes Open Co-Championship. Phil said, “Dont Stopp Believin is so light in the face. I was riding him in a short shanked bit with a low port in the go-rounds at this year’s Super Stakes, but he needed something even milder.

DMT breastcollars

Have You Checked Out the Breast Collars at Dennis Moreland Tack?

DMT breastcollarsDennis Moreland Tack breast collars are all handmade of doubled and stitched Herman Oak old world heavy harness leather lined with burgundy latigo leather. Herman Oak old world harness leather is tanned using all natural methods. This produces soft pliable leather that is not spongy or boardy, but has the body and density to hold up to years of hard use. No chemicals are used in the tanning process.

DMT mecatebosal

How Do I Tie a Mecate to a Bosal?

DMT mecatebosalA mecate is a rein made of a single piece of rope, usually twisted horse hair or nylon. Mecates are used on hackamores and snaffle bits. A bosal is the noseband of a hackamore and when a headstall is attached it is known as a hackamore.

DMT shank

What Is a Shank and a Purchase?

DMT shankIt's easy to see all the parts of a bit by laying the mouthpiece across your outstretched fingers and letting the bit hang. This is also a nice way to see how the bit is balanced. The butt of the mouthpiece is where the mouthpiece attaches to the shanks. This is also the point of balance in a bit.

DMT 2rein

Do You Use The 2 Rein In Your Training Program?

DMT 2reinDennis Moreland Tack 2 ReinThe 2 Rein outfit has two sets of reins used together to transition a horse from the hackamore to bridle. One set is attached to the bosalita (narrow bosal) that is worn under the bridle. The other is attached to the bit.

The Dennis Moreland Tack Starting Bosal

DMTbosalDennis Moreland Tack Starting Bosal"After the colts get to coming around with the snaffle bit, they can be double reined into the hackamore. Double reining is to put both the hackamore and snaffle on at the same time. Both the reins are used at the same time and gradually the hackamore reins are used more than the snaffle bit reins, until the colt gets used to turning on the hackamore reins entirely.*"