Tack Tip by Dennis Moreland 9-29-15

Have You Ever Wondered How Rawhide Is Made?

Tack Tip by Dennis Moreland 9-29-15

To make a bridle with rawhide and romal reins like shown in the photo http://bit.ly/1VpFPFy we start by making the rawhide from cow hides. When a tannery receives cow hides from the packers they immediately place each on horizontal wooden beams and cut each hide right down the middle to make 2 sides.When a tannery receives cow hides from the packers, they immediately place each on horizontal wooden beams and cut each hide right down the middle to make 2 sides.


How to Tie the Advanced Latigo Knot

latigoknotWe all know how important it is to check our latigo and double off for wear and deterioration each time we saddle up http://bit.ly/1Lhi39f. If you’ve purchased a new latigo and would like to attach it to your saddle dee with a clean, nice-looking and nearly flat knot, this guideline will show you how.
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What Is the Secret to Making Weighted Reins?

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Have you ever wondered what a rein maker does to get weighted reins to feel so good and have such a nice drape? Dennis Moreland Tack shares the answer: naturally weighted reins are cut from hides that are specifically chosen for their weights and thicknesses.


How to Braid Saddle Strings

saddlestringsWe know how nice it is to have saddle strings when we need to tie something down. At the same time, they can be a nuisance and even a safety hazard when we don’t need them, especially when they get under the saddle or under the latigo during saddling!

Dennis Moreland hackamore

Why Do Some Horsemen Ride With a Hackamore?

Dennis Moreland hackamoreDennis Moreland competing with a hackamoreWe know horseman have been using hackamores on their horses for hundreds of years and this piece of equipment hasn’t changed much since being introduced to western North America in the 18th century. It makes a person wonder if a hackamore might be a useful tool to get better training results. In this article we’ll focus on the type of hackamore shown on the horse in the photo.

DMT Bosal Hack

Do You You Know How To Fit A Hackamore?

DMT Bosal HackWe know proper hackamore fit is important for correct function, but it can be a challenge to get the necessary information to learn how one should fit. To confuse things even more, there is a huge variety of hackamores available to riders.

DMT tyinghalter

Have You Ever Had a Horse Pull Back in a Rope Halter?

DMT tyinghalterThe rope halter should be tied with a sheet bend knot. When tying a sheet bend it’s easy to incorrectly make the knot above the halter loop instead of below. If your horse pulls back, you won’t be able to untie this type of knot. With a correctly tied sheet bend, like the one shown in the video, if your horse pulls back while tied you should be able to get the knot untied.

DMT slidinggagbit

Can A Sliding Gag Bit Be A Good Training Tool For Any Discipline?

DMT slidinggagbit

Have you ever wondered how or why a sliding gag bit works? When the reins on a sliding gag are used to redirect a horse, the pressure from that pull is distributed simultaneously in 2 places: on the mouth from the sliding gag bit as the mouthpiece rises (slides on the shanks) and the bit rises (slides on the cords), and on the poll from the pressure of the headstall crown piece as the bit rises.