A Practical Guide to Unbridling

DMT UNBRIDLINGOne of the most important aids used in communication with your horse is your bridle reins. It’s nice to have reins that are hanging freely with no twists, kinks or folds at the start of each ride. Your horse will appreciate it as much as you do!

Dennis Moreland Tack Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

Dennis Moreland Tack Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

The weight of the heel knot on this Dennis Moreland Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore causes it to fall instantly when the pressure on the rein is released. This releases the pressure of the noseband providing an instant reward for a proper response. Signals from this hackamore are strong. I make this hackamore for use mainly on the older horse and I don’t recommend it for starting or training young colts.


What Is a Texas-Style Hackamore?

texashackamoreHackamores function by applying pressure on the nose and jaw rather than on the mouth like a bridle with a bit. They are especially useful on young horses that are transitioning from deciduous (baby) teeth to permanent teeth but horses of any age can be ridden in a hackamore.

DMT bosalita

The Secret to Cleaning and Conditioning Braided Rawhide

DMT bosalitaLike leather, sweat and dirt build up on rawhide and get absorbed into the fiber causing it to degrade over time. Additionally, rawhide will dry out and feel dry and rougher to the touch than usual. Check your gear regularly, especially the parts that are often against the horse’s hide. If you see sweat and dirt built up, or if it’s dry, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned.


What Are Doubled and Stitched Reins?


If you’re looking for a rein that drapes well, has tons of feel and keeps its shape and pliability even in cold weather doubled and stitched reins may be for you says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack.


A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way


If you want your horse to continuously respond to the bit with the lightest cue on the reins you may want use an aluminum shanked bit. These are good mild bits to use when you transition your colt from a snaffle. They also work well on sensitive horses that are light in the face. They are lighter weight because aluminum weighs less than steel. This means less pressure on the mouth compared to bits with steel shanks.