LewisWray 15SP

Lewis Wray Visits QHN

LewisWray 15SPLewis Wray • Photo by Stacy PigottOne cool thing about horse shows in Fort Worth, Texas, is that we sometimes get visitors in the Quarter Horse News office. During a cattle change or lunch break, our readers will stop by to see the magazine’s headquarters and meet the people behind the printed pages.


Taking Better Foal Photos

Oh baby, it’s that time of year again! Quarter Horse News has started publishing foal photos, and we’ll continue to print them until July 1. There is always lots of “ooohing and aaahing” when new photos hit our inbox. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love baby pictures, especially gangly legged foals?

As I edited the first batch of foal images this week, it occurred to me, “Why not help our readers get the best shots they can of their babies?” So I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to best capture and send us your foal photos.

Me Lucky Headshot

A Little Perspective

Me Lucky HeadshotMe and my 24-year-old Paint Horse, LuckyHave you ever gone to a show after working really hard, only to have your high hopes of success dashed by your uncooperative four-legged partner? Most of us probably have, and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the positives. I was guilty of this just a few days ago.


The Mischievous Puppy

ManchesterTerrierThe guilty.One of the fun parts of working for Quarter Horse News is getting to hear from our readers. Some of you call with questions or comments about something you saw in the magazine, and sometimes, you call looking for help. Sales Customer Service Manager Diana Buettner recently received an email from a subscriber who had an unusual request.


Inspired to Create


Every year, Quarter Horse News enters the American Horse Publications’ award contest, where we submit our best content from the year prior to be judged. Winning is a sign we’re hitting the mark in delivering the excellent publication we strive to produce. Keep reading for QHN Senior Graphic Designer Holly Tarquinio’s thoughts on the process, the year behind and the year ahead…

Reading through last year’s issues for American Horse Publication submissions has my brain spinning. Spinning with excitement and inspired to create more and do more.


In Sheri’s Honor

SheriMy new 2-year-old filly, Ozzmosis CDIf I learned anything from the great stories my followers sent in about their horses’ barn names, it’s that the best ones mean something. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some are inspirational. With so many ideas floating in my mind, it was hard to pick one for my new 2-year-old filly.


Great Stories Everyone!

InvestersChipInvesters Chip, aka "Clarence," pictured with Bonnie Sue KalmarAfter posting about Kat and her unique barn name, I’ve gotten several emails and messages about the cool names my followers’ horses have, and I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

Kat KWimberly

What’s In A Name?

Kat KWimberlyKaitlyn Wimberly riding Kat, owned by her father, Billy MartinOne of the perks of interviewing so many people about their horses is learning about barn names, and where they came from. Many of the stories that accompany these nicknames are as unique as the names themselves.


A Small World After All

SharonJonesBeing a 20-something woman with a career that takes me all over the country to horse shows really is all it’s cracked up to be. I manage to find some of the most unique opportunities on the road – you know, those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make all my college friends jealous. Each of these special moments teaches me something new, and my recent trip to The Augusta Futurity has shown me just how small this world really is.

Common Knowledge?

In another life, I would have been a veterinarian. Ever since I was a horse-crazy little girl, I wanted to be a vet. It was a dream I kept through middle school, through high school and into my college years. It wasn’t until my second year in college, the year I first took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), that I began to doubt my intended career path. That was when I finally admitted that, while I was an average science student, it was not my forte. Veterinary school, I realized, would be more difficult because of it. While I was ready to tackle the book work, there was another reason for my doubts.