It Takes a Village

He told the students there, “The self-made man is a myth.”

Great Genetics


A Rich Heritage and Legacy to be Proud Of!

The family business was sold twice (1998 & 2001), both times the new owners regrettably mismanaged our time-proven model. Those lessons were hard to learn, but won’t be forgotten. Never again to let someone else take the reins of control.
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Time Flies

SDP 2017Stallions

This edition of Industry Insider with SDP will be a little different then the ones we have submitted in the past, so bear with me. My name is Shella Langford and I am the marketing director at SDP Buffalo Ranch. Shane has given me the honor of submitting this blog, and I am excited to do it.

I just finished reading a book titled The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.


What a Month!

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FantasticOne800Horses sired by SDP Buffalo Ranch stallions are making headlines around the world! • Photo by Cutting Horse CentralWith the 2017 NCHA Lucas Oil National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes wrapping up this week and the National Cutting Horse Association of Australia’s annual Breeders Incentive (BI) show already concluded, it has been an amazing month for SDP Buffalo Ranch stallions!

SDP SDPGretchensRey

Growing the NCHA Super Stakes

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SDP SDPGretchensReyShane Plummer showing SDP Gretchen Rey at the 2014 NCHA Super Stakes • Photo by Laura Rodgers

It is National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes time here in Fort Worth, Texas! The Super Stakes is the second leg of the NCHA Triple Crown, the second largest cutting horse competition behind the NCHA Futurity and one of the biggest equine events in the world. I’ve attended every Super Stakes since 2005, so you could call me a 12-year veteran.

Sannman x Short Tempered Cat Russell main 1

Foals, foals, foals!

The most exciting time of the year and with good reason!
HydriveCatxSDPIGotGoodGenes 800

The Art of Mating Selection

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HydriveCatxSDPIGotGoodGenes 800Hydrive Cat x SDP I Got Good Genes

Many years ago, I read an article stating that 70 percent of the foals born each year are born in March, April and May. In the information age in which we live, it’s a cardinal sin not to fact check, but I reckon that statistic is pretty darn close, regardless. So being that we just hit first of March, the vast majority of us are getting excited for some new arrivals!

800 Hydrive-Cat-2012-Freshman-Sire-of-the-Year

Goals & The Peter Principle

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800 Hydrive-Cat-2012-Freshman-Sire-of-the-YearShane and Jane Plummer accept Hydrive Cat's 2012 AQHA NCHA Freshman Sire of the Year award from Frank Merrill

I have been fortunate in my life to have many great teachers. For the most part, I have been a student of observation. I really can’t think of any principles or concepts learned from someone teaching me directly, but I give credit to many people that I have learned from. Chief among that group are my parents. Being raised by entrepreneurs, I have learned a great deal with respect to risk, sacrifice, reward, hard work, ingenuity, character and defeat. I have heard my father say countless times, “People will always rise to the level of their own incompetence.”