Hydrive Cat is an example of a horse who added to his sire record through successful Southern Hemisphere breeding, especially in Brazil and Australia.

Identifying Southern Hemisphere Markets for U.S.-Based Stallions

International trade is always changing, and the same is true for the demand for the services of American-based stallions in Southern Hemisphere countries.

Industry Insider: Lemonade Stand

Winter-geddon 2021 hit Texas. It is pretty serious actually. Below-zero weather is very extreme in these parts. This once-in-a-generation winter storm has caused electricity blackouts throughout the state, frozen pipes that are yet to thaw, fatal accidents and unrest untold.
SDP Buffalo Ranch mares and foals 2020

Deal of Fortune!

Last month, my blog mentioned the timelessness of faith, hope and charity, the need for us to not give into fear, and for keeping perspective and an eye on what lies ahead of us. I 100% stand by what I wrote and still feel the same today. But, I feel as though I’ve lived through a […]