Collar Stability — Breast Collar Fit and Safety

breastcollarsBreast Collars are generally an optional item on a saddle but for disciplines like barrel racing, roping, and cow horse where our horses make quick stops and turns with powerful acceleration and pull they can be a life saver. Steep inclines on the trail are another place a breast collar is invaluable.

Do You Start Your Colts in a Sidepull, Bosal or Snaffle?

There is a wide variety of equipment used to start horses. Here are some of the handmade options from Dennis Moreland Tack!

A. Bosa
l — The bosal is a noseband, that when combined with a headstall, makes up the vaquero hackamore or la jaquima. According to Luis Ortega in his book California Hackamore la jaquima was introduced into California from Northern Mexico, the great cattle empire of that time, in the 1770s. It was used by the Dons of Spain who helped colonize parts of California and start large cattle ranches. Each ranch had a caballada or band of highly trained saddle horses which were started in hackamores.


Do You Know Your Headstalls?

twobuckleheadstallHS33 Doubled and Stitched Two Buckle HeadstallDennis Moreland Tack wants to know, do you know which headstall has cheek buckles that will never get near your horse's eyes?


Easy Slot Concho Guide

slotconchoDennis Moreland Tack wants to know have you ever thought slot conchos just weren't worth the trouble even though they're the safest conchos made? Here's a fail-proof guide for getting slot conchos on your gear:

DennisMoreland TJGood

Dennis Moreland’s First Tradeshow

DennisMoreland TJGoodDennis Moreland (left) and T.J. GoodIn 1976 I had my first Dennis Moreland Tack exhibit at the NCHA Futurity. There was only one other vendor in ’76, T&S Signs owned by Tom and Sue Reardon. They made the magnetic plaques to stick on your truck and horse trailer. They had been there the year before in ’75 but with the both of us there in ’76 we started the NCHA tradeshows.


Loping Hackamore

DMTHackThe Dennis Moreland Tack HV41 Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore has a noseband made of tan 5/16 inch nylon solid braid rope. At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore is 10 inches in length from top to bottom. I can make additional sizes but you will need to call to order: 817-312-5305.


Anhidrosis is the scientific name for a dysfunction in the ability to sweat. Equine anhidrosis has been recognized for many years, but it’s exact cause is still not known. There does not seem to be any predilection for a particular horse breed, age or coat color, and both male and female horses are affected. Some horses may not be able to sweat at all, and others only sweat in some locations.

Dealing With Disappointment

By Anna Mitchell

Disappointments come in all shapes and sizes in the world of competitive sports. Sometimes the disappointment is minor and we can shake it off and go on. Other times the disappointment can be crippling, making it very difficult for us to put it behind us and move on. Understanding why we feel so disappointed at times and learning how to deal with that disappointment is a crucial skill for competitive athletes to learn if they hope to have a successful and fulfilling career in sports.