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#WednesdayWowFactor — The Boon

The Boon and Jesse LennoxWe thought this one had a lot of wow factor. This cutting horse is really digging deep and has a firm eye on that cow! Check out The Boon (Peptoboonsmal x Boon San Kitty x High Brow Cat), a 2008 red roan stallion, ridden by Jesse Lennox. Photo by Hart  

Why Cut And Finish Bridle Reins By Hand?

harnessleathersAll Dennis Moreland harness leather reins are cut in pairs from hides hand-picked from the Hermann Oak Leather Tannery in St. Louis. The quality of leather and the preciseness of the cut gives these reins very good balance. This allows your horse to feel light contact in his mouth before the rein actually gets tight.


Great Stories Everyone!

InvestersChipInvesters Chip, aka "Clarence," pictured with Bonnie Sue KalmarAfter posting about Kat and her unique barn name, I’ve gotten several emails and messages about the cool names my followers’ horses have, and I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

RedWhiteandBoon MaryJoMilner DS

Tips for Buying a Weekend Horse

RedWhiteandBoon MaryJoMilner DSRed White And Boon, a horse trained by Kobie Wood, turned out to be the consummate weekend warrior. This horse helped carry Mary Jo Milner to multiple NCHA Non-Pro World Championships. Photo by Don ShugartThe weekend horse is a true warrior. He may be asked to perform several times in one weekend, and at times, he may be asked to cut in less than perfect conditions. Finding individual horses that fit individual cutters is specialized work, but there are some rules that stand true in every situation. We asked World Champions and professional cutting horse trainers Casey Crouch, Corsicana, Texas, and Kobie Wood, Stephenville, Texas, what they look for when finding a weekend horse for amateur clients. 

OakIllBePeppy MorganCromer PCCHADerb2012 MA

#WednesdayWowFactor — Oak Ill Be Peppy

Oak Ill Be PeppyIf you want to see a cutting horse in near-perfect form, here’s one for you! It’s Oak Ill Be Peppy (Skeets Peppy x Oak Ill Be x Ill Be Smart), a 2007 gelding shown by professional Morgan Cromer at the 2012 Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Derby. Photo by Midge Ames

What Is a Mecate?

DMTmecateA mecate is a rein made of a single piece of rope, usually twisted horse hair or nylon (see photo). It is used on hackamores and snaffles and is attached in a specific manner to each. The knot used to attach the mecate to a hackamore is also used to adjust the size of the hackamore noseband by taking more or less wraps of the mecate around the base of the noseband just in front of the heel knot. Mecates are attached to snaffle bits with slobber straps.

Kat KWimberly

What’s In A Name?

Kat KWimberlyKaitlyn Wimberly riding Kat, owned by her father, Billy MartinOne of the perks of interviewing so many people about their horses is learning about barn names, and where they came from. Many of the stories that accompany these nicknames are as unique as the names themselves.

DMT bridling

A Practical Guide to Unbridling

DMT bridlingOne of the most important aids used in communication with your horse is your bridle reins. It’s nice to have reins that are hanging freely with no twists, kinks or folds at the start of each ride. Your horse will appreciate it as much as you do! This is an easy, efficient way to unbridle that leaves your bridle, including reins, ready to hang the instant you remove it from your horse. This method will keep your reins untangled and flowing smoothly so you’re always ready to ride!

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Craig’s Spin — Welcome

Craig Schmersal blogReining professional Craig SchmersalHi All! I am excited to be a part of the blog with Quarter Horse News! As the new year begins, I am excited about my new 2-year-olds coming in and the future of my now 3-year-olds. For trainers, this is a fun time of year.