Selecting a Sale Horse

PaleFaceDunnitxShinetiniSchmersal Ranch is offering this 2-year-old filly, who is a good example of what Craig Schmersal looks for in a sale horse – good conformation, fashionable bloodlines (Pale Face Dunnit x Shinetini) and a great mind.Sale season is right around the corner. We are fitting quite a few yearlings and sending several 2-year-olds to the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA)/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale. When the topic of horse sales comes up, people always ask me what I am looking for in a prospect when I go to buy one for a customer.

All in the Reining Family

CraigSchmersal TimAndersonCraig Schmersal (left) with customer and friend Tim AndersonThe older I become the more I appreciate the customers and friends I have made in the reining industry. I have lost several friends and clients in the past few years that should not have been lost so young.  We are so busy working and trying to win the next big event that we forget to take time to appreciate why we all do what we do.


How to Build a Long-Lasting Reining Horse

FaceOfAConquistadorMy first Futurity with Face Of A ConquistadorThe Futurity season is my favorite time of year — we get to see a new group of future show horses and watch them for the first time. My philosophy for showing my Futurity horses for the first time is equivalent to taking my kids to school in first grade — I expect them to behave and perform their maneuvers the same as they do at home.


Craig’s Spin on Derby Red Tape

CS NRHADerbyCraig Schmersal at the NRHA DerbyI just returned home from the NRHA Derby, where I showed FS Taris Walla Whiz to an ancillary Open class championship and Redhot Walla to 8th in the Level 4 Open Derby. Both of these horses are owned by Tim Anderson. He has been a longtime customer for me, and I am so happy we had such great success this week!

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Craig Schmersal’s Trip to Italy

whatawave schmersal

I just returned home from judging a show in Italy and doing a clinic afterwards. My last trip to Italy was several years ago when I did several clinics for Belgium and Italy.

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How To Help Protect Your Horse From Viruses

horseinstall AH

With the recent outbreaks of viruses, it is important to take all precautions when caring for your horses. Keep them fly sprayed, and keep the fly sheets on if possible. I also disinfect each bridle after using before bridling another horse.


Craig’s Spin — Quick Tip

craigsblogCraig SchmersalCheck out this quick tip from reining professional Craig Schmersal:

Back to basics — I am often asked how I keep my older show horses healthy and happy.


Increase Efficiency By Being Organized

cstackroomCraig Schmersal's tack room at his new barn in ArizonaRunning an efficient training barn takes lots of organization and team playing amongst employees. Since relocating to Arizona, I have had to start from scratch on organizing and figuring out a way to run my new barn efficiently. I can honestly say this is one of the hardest things as a trainer – at least for me – to do.

Craig Schmersal blog

Craig’s Spin — Welcome

Craig Schmersal blogReining professional Craig SchmersalHi All! I am excited to be a part of the blog with Quarter Horse News! As the new year begins, I am excited about my new 2-year-olds coming in and the future of my now 3-year-olds. For trainers, this is a fun time of year.