It’s Derby Time!

CashingBlackChexCashing Black Chex and Craig Schmersal at the NRBCHi All! 

We are at the National Reining Horse Association Derby in Oklahoma City! So far the weather has been pretty good. We are all set up and ready to show. I only brought one horse to show in the Derby as we had the opportunity to sell several of my others.

CS Equisel

How to Keep Your Horses Healthy During Summer Heat

CS EquiselWith the National Reining Horse Association Derby right ahead of us and the Futurities on the heels of that, I am taking extra precautions with my horses’ health. With the heat of the summer, I am always concerned about the stress and pressure on my horses.

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One of My Favorite Times of the Year

02 12 16

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Our 2 year olds have had at least 30 days riding and we finally get to see them under saddle after 3 years of waiting time. A lot of people ask me why I start my 2 year olds early in Dec or Jan. The reason I do this is so they get 5 days a week of consistent training.


Happy New Year Everyone!


January is the month for resolutions. Mine usually starts the same, lose some weight and continue to be the best trainer I can be. As we roll through January the NRHA is having a judges school which I will be teaching and a membership meeting in Oklahoma City that is full of hot topics.


‘Go Pro’ With Craig Schmersal

GoProSchmersalHere's a unique perspective! NRHA Inside Reining put a GoPro video camera on NRHA $3 Million Rider Craig Schmersal as he rode Cashing Black Chex to a third-place finish and a score of 221 at the 50th National Reining Horse Association Futurity Open!

craigs-spin withOmegalogo web

Preparation for the NRHA Futurity

craigs-spin withOmegalogo web

The final showdown is just around the corner. This is the time when the pressure seems the greatest. I know my stress level goes up because of the expectations I have on myself and that my customers expect from me.

craig gingerschmersal

The Life of a Trainer’s Wife

By Ginger Schmersal

Quarter Horse News asked me to be a guest blogger for Craig this month — I am flattered. The question was: what's it like to be a trainer’s wife this time of year? Well, I can tell you the first word that comes to mind is chaotic.


What A 2-Year-Old Reining Horse Should Look Like

DunnitiniDunnitini, a Pale Face Dunnit filly that I have for sale now

I hate to see a 2-year-old that has been pushed too hard in their training. I am able to see ability without having to see it running plus-one everything. When I see young horses looking like they have been pushed too hard, it is a red flag for me. I like my prospects to be healthy and happy, both physically and mentally. Here is a little video of one of my Pale Face Dunnit fillies that I have for sale now. I feel like this is what a 2-year-old should look like at this point in their training.